Metal To Infinity

Let me be short on this one. First of all I need to inform you about the fact this band is from Hungary, making a CD from some earlier written demo's. I can't say this is my typical kind of music, neither I can say it sounds too bad. Okay, not the most original stuff but at least it is a good try-out. You can expect some kind of Death'n Roll, maybe strongly influenced with what plenty of nineties bands did a decade ago. Add some Stoner Rock to the mix and you'll have an idea what this is all about.

Some later Entombed, some Soundgarden etc. is the best way to describe this one but all from a lesser quality. The tempi are rather low, the grunts are making the music extra heavy. Nevertheless none of the tracks did something to me, I missed a red line and catchy riffs or whatever. For a beginning band itís nothing more than a mediocre start. Don't expect any more from this release, I even got bored after a few songs. It shouldn't stop you trying this one out if you're into this kind of music, I've heard enough from it...

My points: 60 / 100 (Review by officer Nice)