Metal To Infinity

No, I’m not into Metalcore. Especially those young bands, which don’t look Metal at all and try to get a piece of the cake by cheep amusement… No long hairs, hardly a Metal shirt, gay sunglasses… There’s still some kind of dress code when you’re into Metal. Okay, there are exceptions, accepted because of their talent and history but yet…. Why I am talking about this item? Just because I don’t like the introduction, even the infiltration of bands that aren’t connected with Metal at all yet try to make profit of the success this genre has nowadays. Even worse is the fact that these bands get all the chances of the world to get signed, to be scheduled on the big festivals… It are often these bands the big fanzines are supporting, ignoring the true Metal bands out there… It pisses me of but I don’t want Confined Within to be the victim of my inner aggressions… 

No, I don’t blame Confined Within although some of my statements fit them perfectly. A few youngsters with electric guitars convinced that they’re part of the Metal scène… It takes more than an electric guitar and a wall of sound to be Metal. Confined Within uses all things that have ever been used before and doesn’t re-new anything.  

Thankfully their wall of sound is pretty impressive and mercifully good guitar sessions can be heard. No spectacular solos but it is already a relief leads are weaved into this music. I have to admit that these youngsters know how to write good songs and the mixture between clean and aggressive vocals are very good. Also the acoustic pieces on this CD are awesome, making me wonder why these guys  chose this kind music. I know, this is popular amongst the youth but there’s more in life… The mixture between Punk, Metal and Grunge isn’t really my cup of tea and especially those typical choruses are annoying me but are wanted by lots of young people.  

After all Confined Within seems to contain good musicians but I pity the fact they’re not using all of their talents to perform music whit a spirit, with emotions, with darkness…. In its style it will probably be a very good CD… My fourteen year old daughter was immediately fond of them, says a lot about my review and about who this band is writing music for. 

My Points: 78 / 100 (Review by Officer Nice)