Metal To Infinity

Wow, this is some fantastic acoustic piece of Music to start a CD with, I just adore it! For some reason there are more traditional Thrash Metal bands that recorded this kind of instrumental arrangements into their CD’s in the past. At least they’ve proved the world there are fantastic Thrash Metal musicians out there, capable to write amazing stuff, no matter how hard and fast the rest of their music sounds. The whole world? Not exactly because only Metallica had the right to show what they’re capable of to the entire world. The rest, especially the underground, couldn’t even dream about it but do we really care? I don’t… Forbidden and Flotsam & Jetsam also used this kind of acoustic pieces before and to me the effect was immense. I suppose you already figured out also Conniption is a Thrash Metal band too and they’re heading from Milwaukee/USA. This ain’t exactly the neighborhood of the San Francisco Bay Area but musical wise they should have fit this movement perfectly. Anyway this is the band’s first release. 

There isn’t so much to discover, on the Internet, about Conniption and that’s a pity. I was wondering if any of these musicians played in another band – we should know – before. It must be because these lads sound way too experienced for a new formation. I can tell you Conniption is a two guitar Metal band and Michael Brigham plays the leading role as guitarist / singer. The band is mainly playing Thrash Metal, in different tempi and they remind me strongly of bands like (old) Metallica, Megadeth, mid tempo Anthrax, Death Angel and Mordred. What they also have in common with Mordred is the fact that sometimes they experience a bit in what they’re doing, not on a funky way but more on a Rocking way. I like it, especially because the band doesn’t exaggerate being experimental.  

The tracks are well written and I’ve heard several catchy songs. I know we can’t expect from every band to release a masterpiece but I’m sure Conniption is able to deliver this kind of  quality in the future. In every track you will discover sharp riffs, often sophisticated guitar arrangements, even more cold shivering acoustic parts, technical played percussion… To be honest I had the feeling there was even more into it, more to maintain a mind-blowing album. Right now Conniption delivered a great record and I expect much more from these guys in the future. 

“Selective Amnesia” for example totally blew me away. This is pure technical, Progressive Thrash from a very high level and this is indeed a very catchy song. Conniption uses what have been invented so many years ago – when Thrash Metal was golden – but it’s cool to hear the band is creative, expressive and pure. Other tracks that are worth checking out are for example “Eye For An Eye”, “Successor To The Throne”, a more traditional Heavy Metal song and “The Illusion”. This record contains two bonus tracks too (live). 

Conniption is a typical band Thrash Metal fanatics will adore but they don’t belong – musical wise – to the new wave of US Thrash bands. Conniption is therefore too musical and this isn’t the harsh kind of Thrash Metal. To be honest I prefer this melodic kind of Thrash Metal and that’s the main reason why Conniption will stay a band to keep my eyes on. Check them out at or or  

My Points: 85 / 100 (Review by Officer Nice)