Metal To Infinity

After the release of a demo in 2006 (‘A New Day Rising’), the Dutch band Conorach focused on their debut album ‘Tales From The Tavern’ which was actually released in 2008. The band Conorach can be described as a ‘folk meets power metal’ company that is focusing on rhythm and a ‘feel good attitude’.  What we have in hands right now, is a CD-r with two songs, and I guess that this can be considered as their second demo.  The songs that feature this release are “42 Days” and “Patriot’s Song”, but unfortunately, we missed an info sheet with additional news and extra information about this band. So, it was time to find some more about these young Dutch metalheads, and what I found on the internet guided me into an idea that this band focuses on Folk with the addition of a little Power metal.  I had a few bands in my head like Skyclad, Finntroll, Moonsorrow and Falconer, but I was really surprised when I listened to the songs for the first time.  The amount of Folk is rather increasing compared with the power metal ingredient. And that’s great, as I prefer Power above Folk, personally.  

The Dutch history and folk tales that are weaved in the musical compositions are really interesting, and I guess that their debut album ‘Tales From The Tavern’ will have great visions on an evening full of beer in a local bar.  But, we have to focus on the two songs that present the band anno 2010.  For some reason, this band is still unsigned, and that’s a little strange…  

Both songs were recorded at ‘Sir Bang A Lot’s Sound Dungeons’ (what’s in a name!?), and the production was done by the band themselves.  The six members of Conorach are divided in two guitar players, one vocalist, one keyman, one bassplayer and of course one drummer. None of the players is taking two jobs at the same time, which might result that each member can focus with full attention on his own instrument!   

The first song is called ’42 Days’ and starts a bit like Maiden.  Great bass from Daniël and nice pumping drums from Ivo give this opener a good rhythm!  When the keys from Sander interact with the other instruments, we hear a lot of atmosphere and the guitars have a sound that remembered me of good old Paradise Lost.  So instead of Folk, we may conclude that there is also a little Gothic involved! Patrick and Jurgen give a break in this track with their guitars and the song is increasing in speed. All these different elements might be confusing, but when you listen to the track, it’s a coherent part and arrangement! Really nice, so I wonder how the vocals will sound, as musical wise everything seems to be really great.  It takes about 4 minutes before we hear the throat of Jacco, and his vocal chords have an addition to the music!  He sounds as the perfect man for the job!  Some moments, I had a little Uriah Heep in my head, but the main influence comes from Blaze Bayley (ex-Iron Maiden). Even the structure of the song has a lot of Maiden additions, but it’s done very well, so who cares.  The song ’42 Days’ takes about 7 minutes, and we hear a lot of breaks and hooks which gave me a very pleasant feeling!  The second song is called ‘Patriot’s Song’, with almost 6 minutes duration.   The Iron Maiden feeling was still present, and the beginning of this second track even made it stronger. The bass is present all time, and is lifting this song into a melodic track with, again, a cool arrangement.  

The overall sound of Conorach is really great, and I don’t know if they changed their style drastically, as I must confess that the Folk influences are no longer present.  I need to find their debut album to compare how they sounded back in 2008.  Anyway, we may conclude that Holland has another great band that is able to create great songs with enough power and heaviness to convince the nowadays metalheads.  Rating a 2-song demo is not easy, as these songs might be the best ones that they wrote during past 12 months, but if they succeed in releasing an album with this potential, I would reward is with 85+. Let’s see what the future will bring!  Follow these lads at their homepage: 

My rating: 85 / 100 (Review by Patrick De Sloover)