Metal To Infinity

In 2004 this British band released their self entitled debut album. I remember it was a decent Heavy Metal album, influenced by either the NWOBHM, either other kinds of traditional Metal bands out of the eighties. In 2007 “Hammer And Fist” was born, an even better album! Nothing spectacular but just a bunch of guys that live to keep the flame of True Metal burning. Respect for them! 

Yes, of course we need to respect them for it because they know they will never become an important band in the Metal scène, it is even very doubtful if a footnote will be written about them in the book of Heavy Metal. Don’t get me wrong; I don’t want to be negative about this band, I’m just telling what is facing them in the modern Metal movement, certainly after hearing this album.  

I understand this is a concept album but to be honest it seems that such a project is way too difficult for the band! A concept album needs the attention from the listener from the beginning until the end, a goal that can’t be reached with this one. Therefore too many boring moments are present. I miss variable tracks, samples that blow me away, arrangements that take  me by the throat, Heavy Metal I should expect from a band like Conquest Of Steel. And yes, I hear some good try-outs but too less to be convincing. 

The opening track isn’t that convincing and made me afraid listening to the rest.“The Prophecy” is on the other hand a pretty good track with a great rhythm. Also in “Scourge of the land” I hear some enjoyable acoustic guitars and that proves Conquest Of Steel contains anyway some good guitar players.  

With “A People Betrayed” the band flirts with the boundaries of Doom Metal, but the Epic Heavy Metal stays the main source! From this point the album cannot please me any further. Some exceptions, like the acoustic part and the up tempo rhythms on “Unholy union” are strong enough to deserve my attention, not that it is an exceptional song anyway. On this particular song Dan Durrant proves by the way he’s capable to do more with his voice, much more! In many other songs I have the feeling he didn’t show us all of his skill. But I admit his voice fits this Epic Metal! Also “Jocasta Rising” is a song that gets back my interest, but still I am not persuaded and that counts for the entire album! 

No, Conquest Of Steel didn’t do a good job by experimenting with a concept album. This isn’t the album I was waiting for and this band was mediocre to me before, they are even more now.  

My Points: 65 / 100 (Review by Officer Nice)