Metal To Infinity

Endorsed by Japan / USA based ESP Guitars, Engl Amps, Elixir Strings and T-Rex Effect Pedals… mister Konstantinos Kotzamanis aka Constantine is here to present an excellent, full instrumental album entitled “Shredcore” and believe me when I tell you… take this title for real! Nine tracks will beat you up while delivering nothing but awesome shred guitar Metal songs to the core! 

Power Metal maniacs definitely know one or another concerning Constantine’s background history – to them unfamiliar with this heavenly guitarist, he’s also active in the band Mystic Prophecy. To me a highly appreciated band who know how to offer Power Metal as it should be. Start cruising your CD collection right now, pick up those from Mystic Prophecy and focus yourself only on the magical tactics of their guitar madman named Konstantinos Kotzamanis. To make the story complete, you can also hear him with other bands like Nightrage and Descending too… check these out as well!  

Following guitar gods throughout multiple decades allows me to mention that my CD collection can be described as quite extended. A really good shred Metal album keeps my head up high in good or bad times. 

On “Shredcore”, Constantine take all guitars for his account in the most spectacular ways! Other guys on the member list are: Frank Huber (drummer ex-Valley’s Eve), Bob Katsionis (keyboardist Firewind). Some of the tracks have influences of Dream Theater esque Progressive Metal to detect and I'm pleased with that but… To let my own heart speak, I’d like to prefer the ones with a pure Power Metal attitude. Damn right I got a real good time listening to tracks like: ‘Jihad’, the incredible ‘The Blame Game’ (what a fantastic riff in the beginning!!). Other songs those who fulfil all my shred desires are: ‘A Rose For Reflection’ and ‘Playing With Fire’. 

“Shredcore” is undoubtedly a fantastic instrumental Metal output in my opinion. A project set up by a real guitar master who proves and delivers the very best in the nowadays Shred Metal movement. It’s their own choice but if they ever got the intention to recruit a well fitted singer it probably would cause a landslide. As always, the future will tell – as for now, I keep on spinning the great “Shredcore” album. Magnificent effort by a true Guitar king!  Order possibilities at:    

My Points: 92 / 100 (Review by Stefan)