Metal To Infinity

Another new band but this one is mixed by Devin Townsend. Not that I am the biggest fan of Townsend but itís remarkable these guys managed to make Townsend mixing their record. These guys seem to be from Australia and have released an album before which I have never heard. This band from down under had the opportunity to support bigger bands in the past.

Talking about their music I can be pretty short. This is a mixture between Thrash and some kind of Metalcore. The music has their melodic moments but I miss something in it. Is it the lack of emotions, the fact that the songs donít take me by the throat? Is it the fact the vocals are so boring? I donít really know but for some reason I stayed cold after hearing this one.

That doesnít mean you shouldnít give this one a try if you like the heavier stuff. There are possibilities but the band needs a better song writer, someone whoís able to put his heart into the music.  This is possible at

My points: 65 / 100 (Review by Officer Nice)