Metal To Infinity

Core Device is a band from New Jersey releasing a debut album entitled “Fellowship Eternal”, a self financed effort produced by Mr. Michael Romeo of Symphony X back in 2004. I’m not familiar with the album and that gives me a bitter aftertaste, especially now that I know how amazingly good these guys are. What makes me think this way has everything to do with the fact that Core Device’s second album “What I’ve Become” has been unleashed a couple of months ago through Heaven And Hell Records, a great label where US Power Metal still lives! 

The wait for a successor to their debut lasted seven long years but that was forgiven as the band’s new album “What I’ve Become” sounds so incredible good to me. Besides three some kind of intros, US Power Metal fans will have a blast enjoying another list of at least eleven killer works. Although the fact some people argue that there is no future for US Metal music, well I recommend them all to take a good listen to Core Device. Still believing in the mighty and magic forces of US Metal, I’d like to stand my own ground and scream it out that the future for Core Device (and actually a whole lotta other acts) is very promising.  

Most of the so called nowadays Power Metal addicts are too much focussed on the mainstream, most well known bands. I got not a problem with that but they should known there is a lot more to offer in the world of Power Metal. Less known US Metal acts definitely as strong as the most famous ones at the moment, well I can mention a big list guys… be sure of that! One by one killer bands, unfortunately have to bring out their stuff independently because of many labels won’t open up their eyes. All has to do with grabbing cash as much as possible which brings me in an unpleasant position. So my gratitude goes out to those record companies (like Heaven And Hell Records) who still believe in US Metal! 

The new Core Device effort is a real big thing, that’s for sure. Powerful sound delivering technical, typical US Power / Progressive Metal akin to the sound of the 80s – on temporary basis, Thrash Metal fans will be pleased as well. These well trained soldiers of Metal prove the fact that they’ve practised a lot between the release of the debut in 2004 and 2011. No further explanation seems necessary, I hear what I hear – Core Device is a band featuring excellent players. For example, check out the awesome vocalist able to use his voice in multiple ways which is not that simple to keep the listener’s attention intact. He can keep the balance between his normal, lower and even quite death roaring vocal lines optimal good… great singer! 

Each song brings a different character on the horizon which is actually the essence of a highly appreciating effort. The dark / dramatic feel does reminds me of Sanctuary / Nevermore – their pure Progressive Power Metal touch brings me to personal faves of mine as early New Eden / Eidolon, Crescent Shield, Onward, Shatter Messiah, Ancient Creation, Antithesis. I’ve played the entire album for several times so far and the pleasure was all mine, it really does! Core Device, an American band with loads of talent – a must-have for all US Power Metal addicts!  order possibilities via hevane And Hell Records at:

My Points: 96 / 100 (Review by Stefan)