Metal To Infinity

First of all, to remove all misunderstandings I'd like to mention it once again - this Cornerstone hails us all from 'Austria' so don't be confused with the 'Danish' Metal band who actually carries the same name.  

Well, I wrote the review of Austrian, female fronted formation Cornertstone's ''Whatever'' last year. Back then, I wasn't very much impressed about their name of the game - described by me as Melodic Pop Rock. Not my favourite style of music which absolutely not mean that the band is bad. Following my heart back then, they were good in this kind of music but I couldn't keep up my attention real high while listening to the songs on the album.  

Stepping into a new year - 2008 must be a very highlighted year for the band. Inking a deal with an American label called Atom Records, Cornerstone was ready working hard to create a brand new album Entitled ''Head Over Heels''. A  very professional, good looking promo package reached my postal address by now - so let's start writing down my thought about what that CD has to offer... 

To the questions - is the production good or bad, well the answer about that can be given shortly after the start of the opener. 'Something To Say' has a real good sound so all those listeners looking for a brilliant sound quality, this is it. Immediately notable to me was that singer / guitarist Anja Schirmer's is in a much better condition than on ''Whatever''. Before she sounded pretty uncertain which led to unstable vocal notes, on the new album she took a big step forward concerning their own vocal use. Good point to mention about that - also the rest of the band radiates out musical progression.  

Great sound, progression all over - they still bring on a mixture of Melodic Pop Rock, AOR with minor Classic Rock influences. Only a few songs on the album can count me in for a complete attention - too slow and easy for me from time to time, I can't keep my concentration up high while listening to all of the songs. Cornerstone is a real good band for fans of this genre only. Mainstream Pop / Rock addicts will dig this output fanatical. Sometimes, guitars are tuned in a 'Grunge' manner and that's not good for my heart because of the fact I really don't like this genre!  

That has nothing to do with Cornerstone, let that be clear! It's just a good Rock band with a personal view of making music - a point we all have to respect. Their new album ''Head Over Heels'' can't persuade or amuse me entirely. Maybe that's not what they want to hear from me but to follow your heart while writing a review is the only way out. Fans of Melodic Rock - perhaps this one is made for you so step  up and purchase on the double via:  or

About the band's future plans - well, all seems brightifully because of the fact a new album will be released later on 2010, Cornerstone is pretty busy  planning a new tour through the UK and USA as well!

My Points: 65 / 100 (Review by Stefan)