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I want to make clear right away that we have to deal here with Cornerstone from Austria and not with the band featuring mighty Doogie White, in order to avoid misunderstandings you know! We at Metal To Infinity webzine had already contact with Austrian Cornerstone regarding their debut album “Head Over Heels”, released back in 2008 through American label Atom Records. I wasn’t overwhelmed about this one not because of the band’s talent – it was the style of music that did not match with my own musical preference. Their blend of melodic Pop / Rock songs were not strong enough to speak of a real success. My rating was pretty low and then, I have been generous.  

To be honest, I feared a little for the future of the band because this type of music appeals to a very wide audience which means, the competition is fierce and hard to survive. In the case of Cornerstone it’s probably different – their second album is a fact, they just brought out the follow up to “Head Over Heels”, here’s “Somewhere In America”. 

Front lady Patricia Hillinger still have a good voice to me, her crystal clear way of singing managed to convince me on their first effort… as for me, she has made progress for sure. Unfortunately, I can’t say the same words about the rest of the band. When a band brings out a first album, they need to search for the most right fitted musical direction. Hindsight is then discussed in which areas they should updated some of their musical choices and (besides o a better souding singer) I do not hear any difference between “Head Over Heels” and the new album “Somewhere In America”.  

I really have no problems as a band plays melodic Rock winked to AOR or Classic Rock, absolutely not but when the entire concept is filled up with too much Pop music elements, my interest is reduced to the minimum. On the new Cornerstone album “Somewhere In America”, I even hear more experimental vibes coming from the world of Ska and Reggae music and that is too much for me. While listening to such songs, my ears refuse any contact with the following. The guitar riffs are rather simple, the solo passages are melodic and quite decent played… the structure of the songs makes push me into an uncomfortable position – inspiration and a full drive is missing.  

I’m sure the old school generation of Heavy Metal music won’t adore an album like this – Cornerstone’s “Somewhere In America” has absolutely nothing to do with Metal at all, let that be clear! This album offers you a list of songs such as broadcasting on a daily basis through numerous radio stations. I had expected more – unfortunately, it was not to be. I’m not pleased but perhaps defenders of Pop Rock / Indie will do, “Somewhere In America” available and downloadable at: /   

My Points: 50 / 100 (Review by Stefan)