Metal To Infinity

Damn, what an ugly cover. Even the band picture seems to be a prove of some bad taste. I know, prejudices are wrong and I should face the fact that the music counts but please... Well, let's give it a shot anyway. Well, it doesn't sound bad. To be honest I was expecting some kind of Hardcore band but this is melodic Hard Rock.    

This sounds melodic, great vocals, emotional guitar solos... Who the fuck are these guys and why do they mislead me so bad? Let's take a look at the Internet. It learns that Covered Call is a Swedish band, pronouncing them self as a formation in vein of Kiss, Thin Lizzy, Whitesnake and some other celebrities. No, therefore the music is often not catchy enough but I do admit I've heard some great things. If you're into eighties melodic Hard Rock you should give this band a fair chance. After all this kind of music isn't actual anymore but I still like this kind of music. Evens fans of AOR could be pleased by this release.    

But no, this isn't a band that deserves to be compared by the greatest of earth. Oh yes, the source of inspiration is clear, the talent is present but Covered Call should try to find their own path.

My Points: 79 / 100 (Review by Officer Nice)