Metal To Infinity

I had no clue what to expect with this one… Looking to the front cover I had the idea this was another ‘wannabee’ Metal band, some immature kids that want to be Rock’n Roll, making profit of the Metal scène, taking everything that might look cool to gain success… Looking further to the booklet I find out that no youngsters are part of the band but at once I was thinking about some Glam Metal band. I don’t even wonder why I have never heard about these guys although they released concept albums before.

Okay, I can only found it out by only listening to this bizarre looking record. The first notes do indeed remind me of one or another band that mixes Glam Metal Rock with some kind of cheap Punk Rock band, even some Garage Rock. This album contains two ‘Acts’ although I can’t really figure out at first the differences or links between them. Digging deeper into the tracks it seems like another concept album although the songs are – musical wise – not connected. At “Asylum” I hear that this band really contains gifted musicians, it’s a rather good melodic Heavy Rock song that contains good leads and enjoyable refrains.

Glam Rock might be indeed the best possible description for Crash Streets Kids and I suppose fans of for example Aerosmith or even Guns’n Roses might find another band to adore although the originals are far better to me. The influences of real Rock’n Roll aren’t always far away. I suppose Crash Street Kids performs tracks that could deserve a place on second range Hollywood Production or on one or another radio station for whom truckers and bikers are the major part of clients. A bit Rod Steward once and a while, some old school Rock and so you can easily find out that this production doesn’t really fit a True Metal webzine.

Nevertheless I am convinced that these musicians have enough talent to make it out there! I suppose in the US there’s enough room for this kind of bands but I doubt a breakthrough in Europe. Not my cup of team but discover them at

My Points: 65 / 100 (Review by officer Nice)