Metal To Infinity

I’ve always had a great feeling with the bands Big Heat, Stigmata and Stygma IV, although, they were mainly the same. Was it because of the talented guitarplayer Günter Maier who succeeded every time in lifting the songs to a higher level because of his inventive, yet traditional heavy metal riffs that spring from the strings of his guitar? Perhaps, but mostly the team work as a band ensured quality for many, many years! Anyway, the band had some problems with the name determination, but I guess that’s all history. The new born band Crimson Cult debuted with the sophomore named album in 2009, and after a few years of intense rehearsing, the four members of Crimson Cult are ready to take the next step in their career.

‘Tales Of Doom’ indicate that the sound of the new album will be more darker, more evil inspired and the lyrical themes will leave any listener with his own thoughts behind. Crimson Cult aims for atmospherically intense music while they celebrate a sophisticated form of Power Metal Drama, which won’t leave its listeners untouched. Again, we have to salute Günter Maier, as he was able to write and compose 10 songs that are very diverse, but as a whole, team up together as one. The structures and arrangements of ‘Tales Of Doom’ indicate that the band made a lot of progress since their debut album, and it was worth the wait. Perhaps, they had to encounter some problems to find a suitable record label, but I’m sure that Pure Steel Records is the label that is able to help this band into the right spot! While listening, you will have some ‘Savatage similarities’, and once in a while Ronnie James Dio is lurking! Even Bob Catley of Magnum isn’t that far away in some passages.

It’s not obvious to mention some tracks that can be described as highlights, as this whole album is a joy of almost 1 hour! Perhaps, “Warrior Son” is the track that needs to be discovered if you listen to this album for the first time. You will notice that the band has the ability to recalling the greats of Heavy Metal: Saxon, Dio amongst others. The final minute of this track is one guitar orgy, with an extreme heavy end! Just awesome how this guitar is whining and being molestated! There is also some doom involved, even Grand Magus and Krux can be considered as influences. Great music deserves good vocals, and Walter Stüfer is the perfect throat for this kind of metal. While Alex (Bass) and Peter (drums) discharge their duties, the main attention goes to the riffing of Günter and the vocal chords of Walter. All songs flow together to one piece, one masterpiece, every time again. The track “Coshinja” is pretty bombastic and the chorus line stayed in my head for almost a day.

This is music how music should be: intense, straight, purposefully and honest! Some songs will take a few listens before you will discover the pearl that is present, but once you get into the dark and mysterious arrangements, you will agree that this album is a must have! Crimson Cult is the Austrian answer of metal for the future!

My rating: 92 / 100 (Review by Patrick De Sloover)