Metal To Infinity

Metal from BelgiumÖ At least Metalcore from Belgium. Not that Belgium is an important country in Metal but nevertheless itís always something special when Belgians release an album! Crimson Falls isnít a new band. They released their debut album in 2006 and an EP a bit later on. Meanwhile they were noticed by several magazines and could play as support act from bigger bands. 

Talking about their music it has to be something you either like or not. Iím not the biggest fan of this genre but the aggression in this music is overwhelming. Crimson Falls plays music on the boundaries of Hardcore, the harsh kind of Thrash Metal and Death Metal. An impressive wall of sound is created by these guys and a small industrial touch is here and there weaved into the music.

Crimson Falls varies the speed all the way and the midtempo arrangements with hard hitting riffs are really awesome. Add some evil grunts all the way and youíll know what I am talking about. The band even dares to add solos into their music, not exactly common for Metalcore bands. The fact Crimson Falls has more to do with Metal than with Hardcore has a lot to do with it. 

If youíre into the modern kind of Metal, nowadays called Metalcore, these Belgians have something to offer. Itís not only chocolate and French fries that are qualified in Belgium! Iíve told you before that Belgium isnít that important in Metal but that doesnít mean they have nothing that can make your heart beats faster. Good release! 

My Points: 80 / 100 (Release by Officer Nice)