Metal To Infinity

I remember I was fund of the first Crom release. What Walter “Crom” Grosse from German Black Metallers Dark Fortress did back then was just amazing. Not only the front cover was eye catching, this album was in one word extraordinary! I don’t actually know how this album was received in the international Metal community but I suppose I wasn’t the only one who liked this disc so much. 

Anyway Crom just released their second effort and again I am astonished by what they performed. Once more that special, call it epic, atmosphere is present and once more it is the ideal kind of music to listen to in these dark days. Not that the music has an enlightening effect on me, therefore it sounds too melancholic and to be honest that’s just the way I like it. It proves anyway that also darkness has its beautiful sides… 

It’s rather difficult – even impossible – to call Crom a Doom Metal band, rather is it unthinkable to label them as a modern Power Metal band. Crom is far too a-typical to be mentioned in the pure Heavy Metal style and for sure they don’t belong in the extreme Metal scène. So what is it? Try to find it out and I promise you disappointment ain’t an option. Anyway fans of bands like Sentenced, Opeth and Doomsword will like what they hear although Crom has its own characteristics. 

More than the debut Crom has been searching to create those awesome dark elements. This is the kind of music that seduces you at once and keeps you under its spell from the beginning until the end. It’s the kind of music non-Metal lovers will ask you more about because it doesn’t fit the clichés . It’s music to listen to on those moments you deserve a bit of time for yourself, trying to find some piece of mind. Crom will for sure help you finding it and although they are representing melancholic music, ending with a depression is no option. It’s like a long walk on a frozen day at winter; the cold might hurt but satisfaction afterwards is guaranteed.  

The album title is very well chosen because you constantly have the feeling of being pulled in one or another pure emotion. Not only the way the guitar strings are pulled are responsible for it, it’s the ensemble that impresses. Good chosen choruses and refrains, emotional played guitar solos, empowering the music at the right moments or just the opposite…. That’s strong, that’s craftsmanship! One after another song Crom takes you by the hand to invite you into their story. Crom’s brand is delivering stunning and spectacular musicianship by great arrangements, well chosen ‘cold shivering’ acoustic parts and beautiful vocal performances.  

Crom did it again and the second album is mostly the most difficult one for a band. Yet I have the feeling for Crom this was just another ‘piece of cake’. It’s rather incredible with how much convenience this band plays music. Great release! 

My Points: 91 / 100 (Review by Officer Nice)