Metal To Infinity

Crosswind is a Greek band and I suppose you’ll all know Greece is often called ‘the Mecca of Heavy Metal’. To be honest several countries are struggling for the honor being the ultimate Metal country. The beautiful Greece is without any doubts one of the head players, be sure of it! The Greek fans are very loyal to Metal, are traditional and especially in Athens and Thessaloniki there’s a major Metal community. Greek fans adore Eighties Metal, at least the Greek fans I know… 

Crosswind sounds modern, typical European. Fans of European Power Metal will in other words like what they hear. Crosswind uses the speed plenty of this kind of bands are often using; Gamma Ray, Edguy, Rhapsody, Labyrinth,… you know what I am talking about? Bands who are major influenced by Helloween and Blind Guardian, the German bands that – need to be said - survived the big bankrupt of Heavy Metal in the nineties… 

Crosswind released two EP’s, “Opposing forces” and “Beyond”. Both seems to be sold out and that’s the main reason, I suppose, Stormspell Records re-released them. To be honest this was a good idea, especially for fans of bands I’ve mentioned before. Crosswind claims to be influenced by the US Metal scčne as well but that’s not obvious to me. On the other hand I can hear a terrific Queensryche cover, talking about “Walk in the shadows”! It convinces me Crosswind contains some fantastic musicians and a great singer. Queensryche is after all not the easiest Metal formation to cover and although the magic of the original is impossible to retrieve I love this version. 

Furthermore you’ll witness 10 tracks that are worth checking this one out because this is high class European Power Metal. I admit I’m not the biggest fan of this kind of Metal but Crosswind is strong, no man can deny it! Crosswind is melodic on (mostly) high speed, making me wonder why they’ve chosen a Queensryche song to cover. But I’m not complaining, listening to it several times...  

And yes, I’m glad the band stays far away from being a Dragonforce clone… Both guitarists are playing perfectly with each other, progressive on the on hand, bombastic and even often neo-classical on the other. If you’re into fast fingered guitar riffs you will be astonished. Yet Crosswind delivers everything that we knew from this style before, without using keyboards. Kyriakos Vasdokas owns a very good voice, clear, melodic and powerful and I respect the fact that he is able to play the guitar and sing this way on the same time! 

If what you’ve read pleases you, you can purchase this one blindfolded. In its style this is a very strong release and the good production is a bonus you’ll get for free. Add a cool booklet and two nice front covers and nothing is holding you… Check the band at or the label at  

My Points: 83 / 100 (Review by Officer Nice)