Metal To Infinity

This is a rather old band, releasing their first tunes in 1989! That’s pretty old and this band is heading from Italy, was formed around a woman called Myriam Sagenwell Saglimbeni. A lot of letters if you would ask me but that’s common in Italy. The band released, as far as I can understand, this release before and so this record is re-released with some bonus tracks.

If we’re travelling back in time and see what this band performs we can only bow our head deep for these musical ideas, Progressive for that time (not meant as in ‘Progressive Metal’). At the end of the Eighties there was no Folk Metal and harps, flutes and all other kind of classic instruments were as good as unknown in the Metal scène of that era. It was the time of extra loud guitars, hard hitting drums and immense walls of sound! It makes me wonder even more that Crystal Phoenix wasn’t mentioned ever before in one or another review about Folk Metal. I even doubt if I know another Folk Metal album dated 1989…

Well, Crystal Phoenix is as a matter of fact hard to label as a Metal band. You need to like Folk music and medieval arrangements to really like this one. All over Crystal phoenix succeeds to deliver that specific atmosphere that belongs to this kind of music. Every track on this release has English lyrics, the Italian translations are foreseen in this cool booklet. All the way I am dreaming away and am I fantasising one or another story with knights, ancient castles, immense forests and heroic fights. I suppose the lack of compositions for and with electric guitars, in other words real powerful compositions has a lot to do with it… The tracks with electric guitars are really good, “Dark Shadow” for example, a track that contains an obscure sound. It reminds me to those old school Heavy Metal albums from the late Seventies, early Eighties. Myriam Sagenwell Saglimbeni has as above a very unique voice, reminding me often to Danie Powers from Powers Court.

This is a release that really contains of first class music, a proof how talented this front woman really is. She’s the perfect musician for this kind of music and she really should send her Curriculum Vitae to the entire Movie Industry. Why? Because she could make a difference in writing movie tracks for those historical movies. But in the Metal scène it is harder to evaluate her because the major part of this album is Folk. Talking about the pure Metal parts I can only say this is good stuff, nevermind the often old sounding production. Check it out at This is a very difficult album to give points to but fans of this kind of Ancient sounding Folk ‘Metal’ should add at least ten points more! The band has no impressive history at all but reunited again and I believe they even play live.

My Points: 80 / 100 (Review by Officer Nice)