Metal To Infinity

Crystal Tears from Greece was formed back in 1997 and on the list of brought out works since then - well, they released a couple of demo’s and one full length album late 2006 through Pure Steel Records. These days, the band recruited legendary singer Ian Parry (Consortium Project, Elegy, Vengeance, Hammerhead and more) and that can only result in something magnificent. As far as I know Ian from his days in Vengeance, Elegy and Hammerhead to name but a few, he delivers the very best for sure! 

Crystal Tears’ new album “generation X” released through 7Hard Records brings on excellent Power Metal with a lot of melodic parts to enjoy. About nowadays Euro Power Metal I’ve told several times before that some of the appearing bands can’t keep up my attention for sure because of the fact – originality is lacking most of the time! At the other side, there are also good bands who really deserve my attention such as Crystal Tears for example. An expand pallet of intense melodic power and technical skills with in the front a superb singer and in the back a top-notch double bass drum specialist… cord these elements to each other and you’ll have a great result for sure as can be heard on “Generation X”. 

Produced by Mystic Prophecy singer R.D. Liapakis (who also worked together with Orden Ogan, Eldritch, Suicidal Angels,…) guaranteed is that you can expect a real nice final result. Ten hard-hitting tracks on the list to swallow in a Power Metal manner. Opener ‘Inner Spirit’ is hard as steel and has groovy guitar riffs on board with finger scorching solo’s. Damn right, Ian Parry’s vocals as always in a superb condition and this time he sounds like a mixture of Lee Carlsen (Bloodgood) and Biff Byford (Saxon). Awesome and unique to me –  total satisfaction is on my side ! Another song I really like is ‘Crystal Tears’ which starts real nice and tender to switch into a great mid tempo Power Metal work a bit later on. Classic Metal maniacs will have a great time on ‘Rock Until We Fall’ – brilliant song with high pitch screams and that’s what I like! More awesomeness to enjoy with songs like: ‘Predators’, ‘Rock ‘N’ Bone’ and ‘The X Generation’. Bonus added to the album is a videoclip of ‘Nightmare Serenade’  

Globally seen, “Generation X” has no negative points to announce – the chemistry between the musicians turns out excellent. Basically, this style of music can be considered as Power Metal but I'm sure that old school maniacs of Christian Metal also will have a blast while checking out this effort. Fans of Bloodgood or Barren Cross better find out what Crystal Tears has to offer and that’s quite a lot to me. Very good output with a lot of highlighting moments! Check them out at:  / order possibilities via: 

MY POINTS: 93 / 100 (Review by Stefan)