Metal To Infinity

I knew there was something weird on this release from the very first moment that I opened the package. Cyanide Scream is a trio from the USA with heavy talented Steve Cone on guitars. Drums are pounding by Erik Fehrenbach, while Lou Bergeron is taking care of the bass guitar. The first track is ‘Now Or Never’, and I knew that I had heard this song before!  The Steve Cone hint brought me to one of his previous outputs, and guess what, this Cyanide Scream contains the same music as Steve Cone’s album ‘Unfinished Business’. This is what I wrote about the mentioned album in 2009:

Well, here he is again: Steve Cone, hailing from Arizona, U.S.A.!  I did an interview with this guitar shredder, a few years back (time flies when you’re having fun), concerning the ‘Distortion’ album. I really liked the Distortion songs as they contained/combined great guitar solos and interesting arrangements. Afterwards, Steve released another album called ‘Crazy Ei8hts’, and if my counting is correct, this should be the 12th. Steve Cone release to date. 

Steve is still unsigned, which means that he has to go through all financial costs to produce, record, support and spread the album, and in my opinion, this indicates that this man has a real passion for his music, he can be described as ‘die hard shredder’!  I really appreciate it, when artists are doing a little more, instead of writing and recording! He’s not sitting and waiting for some result, he’s just moving on to work on the next idea, to satisfy himself musical wise.  

For this new album ‘Unfinished Business’, Steve teamed up with Erik Fehrenbach, who seems to be back  from Australia!  This duo has the talent and skills to give full attention to the songs, without losing the idea that best compositions are often the ones that handle the term: less is more.  The 12 new songs are all written by Steven Cone, but have enough variety, to convince the modern metal head.  The musical direction is a mix between nowadays metal and the typical U.S. Metal that we all love from the early 80’s.  As Steve is the mainman on the guitar, he gives full axe in every track with brilliant guitar solos that make you shiver and shake!   

The opener of the album is called ‘Now Or Never’, which has a very heavy start, directly followed by a cool guitar solo, and a chorus line that is easy to sing along.  It’s a solid composition, a real headbanger choice and a perfect way to start a new album.  The next track is called ‘Already Gone’, and this song is much faster than the first song.  Again we hear a contagious chorus line which is brought in some layers, as it has s light version of part-song. Needless to mention that the guitarsolo is breathtaking! We continue with ‘Death From Above’, which has a lyrical content about the War (In 45 they dropped the bomb). It’s another cool song and the lyrics really bring on additional feelings with the music.  ‘Let you Go’ is much slower, but the chorus line is melting together with outstanding guitar layers which are taking back seat position.  The track ‘Eaten Alive’ is another challenge for the neck muscles as the speed of the song is inviting to bang your head!  The chorus of ‘Eaten Alive’ is a repetition of the title and can be considered as an average track on the new album. ‘On And On’ brings a little rest for the neck and muscles, and if you like a ballad once and a while, just listen to ‘Story Of My Life’. It’s not necessary to mention every song in particular, as they all have great arrangements, and some of the songs are real highlights!  I guess that my personal favorite is ‘Let You Go’, but it may vary, depending on the mood I’m in.   One thing is for sure, Steve Cone did it again, and it’s a real pleasure to listen to this man’s talent and skills! 

The album is available at cdbaby, itunes, Amazon and more, but the best way is to visit his homepage and get the latest information that you might need: or visit his Myspace at 

It would not be fair to reward this new album with lesser points than his previous release, so let’s continue and reward ‘Unfinished Business’ with a fair but perfectly true score! Let’s crank it up once more!!!  My rating: 92 / 100 

Well, I guess that most is said and done, as this Cyanide Scream album is a kind of remake, but instead of an independent release, they got signed to Killer Metal Records. There is a little something extra as well, as Steven and co. added two extra tracks, that originally were recorded during that session. Another reason to buy this album if you like the musical direction of this talented guitarplayer!  Order via:  

My rating: 92 / 100 (Review by Patrick De Sloover)