Metal To Infinity

Hailing from Harstad Norway, six piece Metal band Cyclophonia just released its debut album “Impact Is Imminent” through Battlegod Productions. Represented by guitarist Oystein Kvile Hanssen (also active in Tomorrow’s Outlook), the band consists of six members, each one of them obviously made of appropriate steel. It’s seldom that you came across a Metal band that works with two vocalist. I wish from the bottom of my heart that you all believe that Cyclophonia has a fabulous pair if singers within its ranks. Named Andreas Angell and Kai Joar Kristensen, I bet that fans of Harry ‘The Tyrant’ Conklin (ex-Jag Panzer), Ski (ex-Deadly Blessing / Faith Factor) or Midnight (ex-Crimson Glory) will appreciate all of the vocal lines audible on Cyclophonia’s debut effort “Impact Is Imminent”. One band featuring two singers is very rare – when both guys match perfectly to each other, well I guess we’re dealing with something really special here! Mainly using high pitch vocals, I’m overwhelmed for sure. 

Oystein KV, leader and axeman of the band already convinced me of his technical guitar moves on Tomorrow’s Outlook debut “34613”. With Cyclophonia he got company of a second guitarist named Havar Robertsen – listening to all of the songs on “Impact Is Imminent”, I can only be very satisfied because both guitar players are natural born talents. A constant battle goes on and on while these guys fight the fight delivering their own riffs and flammable, harmonious & melodic solo works in a very nice manner. In the end there is no winner to announce – both are just really good! Two brilliant frontmen and two excellent guitarists able to blow me away and then I have not even talked about the energetic drum works of Nikolai Ursin and the powerful bass duties of Kristian Kvile Hanssen. To me, Cyclophonia rule with an iron hand!  

Produced by Cyclophonia themselves, “Impact Is Imminent” has a lot on board to offer both Speed and Heavy Metal admires a really good time. Eight songs on the list to enjoy and those who are not into the so called modern type of Metal music can be sure that they will like the entire album. This is a product for Classic Metalheads definitely. Fast guitars and high pitched vocals reign in both opener ‘Impact Is Imminent’ and last one ‘Die By My Sword’. All the pieces in between let me fully enjoy of the fact what a great feel Metal music has to serve. You gotta feel the rush while listening to Metal music – if you can not bring this feeling to reality, you need a check up for sure. Sound quality is tight but very well done, the packaging looks awesome due to the great artworks on the front and the booklet features nice images of each one of the band plus lyrics. The total package of Cyclophonia’s “Impact Is Imminent’ is a highly regarded value. 

Along with the album there is also a DVD that will please you. The silver shining disc contains the videoclip for ‘Retaliate’, two songs ‘Hand Of The Righteous’ and ‘Screams In The Night’ as played for a live audience and last but not least a bootleg / footage of their performance in Harstad Norway the 15th. of August 2011 where they were participating on a festival to commemorate the victims of the Utoya / Oslo terror attacks happened earlier that year. Cyclophonia was the last band on the bill, some kind of a headliner, actually a gig with a serene attitude of the attendees. In normal ways, Metal concerts happen in a wild and free mode but this time it was different… fully understandable indeed! Due to one of the singers who was pretty sick that day, I could see a band armed with nice technical skills.  

I won’t be surprised when these guys will play at festivals like Keep It True or Headbangers Open Air in near the future. If that should happen, I’m quite sure that Cyclophonia will conquer the hearts of all those never heard of them before. “Impact Is Imminent”, a release that looks really professional on the outside – about the music on the inside, all sounds superb according to myself! Fans of (mostly US Metal giants) Jag Panzer, Faith Factor, Fifth Angel, Vyper, Crimson Glory, Riot, Tomorrow’s Outlook,…  – should check out the sound trailer for sure and order at:  /  

My Points: 94 / 100 (Review by Stefan)