Metal To Infinity

All US Power Metal addicts should thank Kostas Athanasoglou and his own label Arkeyn Steel Records for re-releasing all the great, mainly US Power Metal highlights from the 80s so far. Stop by Arkeyn Steel’s official homepage at:  and dream away while checking out such a magnificent list of Classic US Metal! With pleasure and full dignity for US Power Metal it’s an honour to spread one of the label’s newest albums – name of the band: Cyperus, entitled “Blow It Out Of Your Ass” will burn your place down for sure! 

Cyperus was formed around the very early 80s and was active for about 14 years. Throughout this period, the band recorded four works such as their debut, a self-titled five song loaded demo (1986) followed by a full-length effort (recorded in 1988) that never had been officially released except for a few cassettes worked out by the title “Blow It Out Of Your Ass” in the early nineties. Cyperus created a few demo’s more, nice fact to announce is that Kurt Vanderhoof (Metal Church) produced one of these in 1990. The band dealed with line-up changes as time passed by, the most unexpected / remarkable change was frontman Bruce Roderick who left the Cyperus ranks! Replacing a unique singer like Bruce ain’t that easy because this guy is so damn good, one of the best singers in US Power Metal I’ve ever heard for sure! But okay, they found another vocalist by the name Sonny – he’s the one that can be heard on the full-length album “Sanity Management” (1991) and demo “Stress” (1994). I don’t know for sure if these are available on CD – if not, I truly hope that Arkeyn Steel Records will help the entire US Power Metal community out later on. I also need to say that from 1992 up to 1994, Cyperus shared many stages across the US with greats like Defiance, Forced Entry, Nevermore, Bitter End, Heathen, Metal Church, Nuclear Assault and many more. 

What you can expect from this latest Arkeyn Steel Records album from Cyperus is a lot! Five songs from the debut 1986 demo plus the entire “Blow It Out Your Ass” LP 1988 are digitally remastered which sounds excellent! The booklet includes the lyrics, loads of unpublished images and a full story on the band’s background history! 

I immediately like to say that all the songs coming from both demo and LP are so damn awesome – I truly running out of words to express my inner feelings while listening to the entire CD version. The vocals of Bruce Roderick leaves me speechless behind – singing songs with such a wide range of vocal use speaks to my imagination. As mentioned before, definitely one of the most impressive, unique shouters I’ve ever heard. He deserves a place in my personal list of all time favourite vocalists. Almost impossible to make comparisons so I hope you don’t mind if I don’t. Call it the most weird, twisted, unthinkable or unexpected way of singing – Bruce Roderick really sounds FANTASTIC all the way out!  

Musically wise, all is perfect and I don’t exaggerate at all – the song structures worked out a superb manner and I even talked about the guitar duties of both guitar players. Be ready to swallow tons of awesome guitar moves including breathtaking riffs and solo moves to the extreme. The present progressive elements to suit perfect with the mighty power and speed Cyperus showcases while delivering it all in a form of pure elegance! Besides pure Classic US Power Metal works, Cyperus also seems very competent reducing velocities to a higher level every now and than.  

Well, to me it’s not necessary to recommend one or another songs that’ll blow your head off… believe me on my word when I tell you all that each and every song standing on this CD can be described as BRILLIANT! I recommend all Classic US Power Metal maniacs to order this product right away – this is too damn good to leave behind. Your own US Power Metal collection won’t be complete without a copy of this limited edition of 1000 hand numbered CD’s. Purchase fast at:   For fans of Slauter Xstroyes, Damien Steele, early Helstar / Liege Lord, Commandment, Deadly Blessing, False Witness,… US METAL STILL REIGNS SUPREME! 

My Points: 100 / 100 (Review by Stefan)