Dimension Zero is not a new band to me. I know these guys released about three albums before and I know Daniel Antonsson is making part of them. The reason I know this guy is because of Pathos, a mighty very technical Thrash Metal band that is to me one of the best European Thrash Metal bands. This man is also known from Soilwork, a more famous formation.  

After a very short intro it is immediately clear what kind of message they‘d like to bring; one of pure aggression, frustration and anger. From the very first seconds you'll be smashed against the walls by an overwhelming and devastating compilation of furious guitars, hard hitting drums and super harsh vocals. 

It is clear that Dimension Zero is passionate to play this kind of harsh Thrash/Death Metal. By their way of performing 'in-your-face' music they leave scars behind, impressed you will be! Not that Dimension Zero is only focused on this kind of aggression; they also deliver high tech Metal. The riffs are not only sinister and furious; they're playing them with a lot of skills. Songs like 'A Pale Shade Of White (A Dark Side Of Black)' and 'I Can Hear The Dark' are full of twisted riffs, as a matter of fact they're not the only ones. Glenn Ljungström (In Flames) and Daniel Antonsson are responsible for that and did an outstanding job. Front man Jocke Göthberg is known from Marduk, one of the darkest Black Metal formations ever. 

Dimension Zero brings the listener into a very threatening mood. By some samples, but also by the arrangements, you will soon be into a very creepy atmosphere. This band works hard to ensure that these elements of anger and darkness are recognizable, next to the ultra sophisticated arrangements. High energy and a precious amalgam of musical elements are almost perfectly combined. The production is very strong and proves how ambitious these Swedish guys really are. The fact is that Dimension Zero hardly delivers something new but I'm sure that fans of extreme Thrash and Death Metal will adore this release. 

Of course these guys are experienced. If you know these members are or were active in bands like Pathos, Soilwork, In Flames, Marduk… you can easily call this a 'super band'. To me especially the riffs of Daniel Antonsson are very recognizable, I just love them. I really enjoyed this brand new CD from Dimension Zero and I am not afraid to say it probably belongs to the best Death Metal releases of 2008. My Points: 92/100 (Review by Officer Nice)