Metal To Infinity

No, please, donít let me suffer this much! I hate Jazz, I hate swing orchestraís, I hate music from the forties, fiftiesÖ I hate trumpets, I hate James Last, I hate those typical sweet womenís vocals. I hate ĎMetalí musicians in a costume. I do even hate Metal bands expiring with this kind of instruments, this kind of music.  

New ideas? Okay! Being innovating? Not a bad idea! But this? God damn fucking hell! World war II is over and the music in those days were awful! I donít want my music mixed with some salsa or whatever! 

God damned, this is by far the worst ĎMetalí album Iíve heard in a long time! Please guys, stop dressing yourselves up  like a bunch of  losers and decide neither you want to be Metal or not. Metal isnít a genre that fits on everything! No matter how much I respect the fact that youíre outstanding musicians, unbelievable singers, even great song writersÖ I canít listen to this! And yes, Iíve listened to the entire album. Iíve heard mind blowing vocals and riffs that would even make Rammstein jealous but hell noÖ This is far too special for me, it gives me a headache, itís making me down and depressing! Where the fuck are my Helstar and Agent Steel albums? Or some good old Slayer, Sepultura, DeathÖ I donít care! 

Iím quite sure other people will rate this kind of music very high because of its originality and instrumental quality, I canít. Iím sure others will consider this band as the Ďnew messiahí! Call me traditional, mention me as a loser, blame me for being too proud! And please God, let this not be the future for the new Metal generation. Iíve suffered, but accepted, the fact that Metal bands included Folk music into their songs but this is a bridge too farÖ 

50 / 50 out of respect for the skills of the musicians. 0 / 50 because I canít accept their ideas using Metal on this way! Stefan, pleaseÖdeliver me to evil again. 

My Points: 50 / 100 (Review by Officer Nice)