DANIEL BAND - RISE UP (25th. Anniversary Edition)



Metal To Infinity

I proudly presents the re-release from Toronto, Ontario based premier Christian Hard Rock / Heavy Metal band Daniel band formed in 1979. Available through Retroactive Records as “Rise Up” (25th. Anniversary Edition), digitally remastered by J. Powell (Steinhaus Studio) so brace yourself for a songlist that contains out of nine original tracks and a bonus cover song from Darrell Mansfield’s ‘That’s Alright’ and it’s Blues Rock character – awesome offered by Daniel Band for sure!  

For the vinyl version of “Rise Up” we have to go back in time, more specifically to 1986 when Refuge Records let the record deal be done. Basically, it was album number 4 for Daniel Band – they debuted with “On Rock” (1982), followed by “Straight Ahead” (1983)... in 1984, third strike called “Run From The Darkness” enlightened the heart and soul of all those into Christian Hard Rock. Their first three albums proved that Daniel Band was able to defend its own ground with power and might and started the competition with other so called ‘great ones’ without a problem. Don’t forget we’re talking about the Canadian scene here including legendary bands as Rush, Triumph, April Wine, Max Webster, Moxy and stuff. I’m sure you know what I mean, right?!   

Back to the essence of the reissue of their fourth album “Rise Up” and it’s my intention to praise this product to all those who are attracted to 80s Rock & Metal. Listening to the entire album, you can feel the band’s Canadian originating due to their compositions are played hard to the bone with no compromises. Straight on, the band don’t look back… it’s their way or the highway you know. The following years, loads of other, upcoming Canadian Metal bands like Anvil, Razor, Voivod, Sword, Annihilator, Exciter,… appeared with the same attitude / determination – they won’t take no for an answer and go for it no matter the cost. Check it out, most among these had (or still have) booked successful years.  

First song on “Rise Up” called ‘Bethel’, a full energy loaded, kick ass Hard Rock piece where you can let yourself completely go – cleanse your fist and release the brakes as you scream it out at the top of your lungs.  Mid paced guitar lines reigns on ‘Rock You’, ballads also in promotion with songs like ‘Paradise’ and ‘My Children’. Both are sensitive works that I do not really like – according to myself, Daniel Band best shots are the more heavy works. In times when this album has been originally released, much albums were partially filled with songs I mostly defined as ‘commercial bombs’ so also these Canadians did. A bit disappointing to myself because I’m not into these type of songs basically... fashion-oriented tracks are not my alley and it never will! The title track and ‘Right Heart’ let hear what I mean about that. There is another track I really like and it’s called ‘Don’t Walk Away’ – based on the present, technical moves offered by each one of the players, a track that really delivers the goods In Christian Metal. It needs to be said that the overall guitar sound is a very good fact to underline as well.    

Re-releasing an album like Daniel Band’s “Rise Up” is a wonderful job to me. Maybe you’re not familiar with the band even though you’re an 80s Hard Rock addict – trust me when I say the product is recommended, a must-have actually! Great vocals and outstanding guitars, pure power songs flirting with ballad ones, sometimes a bit too commercial sounding passages as well but in the end, this 15th. Anniversary Edition of Daniel Band’s “Rise Up” is more than worth to order at:  http://www.retroactiverecords.net/  One of those legendary Canadian Hard Rock albums that will never face away! For fans of Frank Marino And The Mahogony Rush, Triumph, Max Webster, The Stampeders, early Ratt / Coney Hatch, Triumph and mighty Rush fame.  

My Points: 84 / 100 (Review by Stefan)