DANIEL BAND - RUNNING OUT OF TIME (Retroarchives Edition)



Metal To Infinity

Last week I wrote the review for Canadian Daniel Band’s fourth album “Rise Up”, unleashed by Retroactive Records as 25th. Anniversary Edition. I was not exactly familiar with the band but after listening to this digitally remastered piece, I still had a pleasant feel. Rare and authentic Hard Rock music still speaks to my imagination so Daniel Band was a welcome gift to me. Afterwards they’ve released a fifth album entitled “Running Out Of Time” back in 1988 – in contrast to “Rise Up”, I gotta feeling these Canadians show their true identity. I mean they were good before but “Running Out Of Time” has a lot more to offer. Throughout many years, they became better and better. 

Firstly and in my point of view, frontman Dan McCabe brings on the vocal skills with more efficiency and confidence. On their previous album Dan was pretty good but not as good as on “Running Out Of Time”, to let hear a perfect singer while using his throat in a very clean way with a unique undertone akin to the sound of legendary Triumph leader Rik Emmett or singer/guitarist Rick Santers from another Canadian band called Santers. Daniel Band always delivered their stuff in a typical 80s Canadian type of Hard Rock with a nod to Classic Rock as well. As for the “Running Out Of Time” album, the compositions comes across as an improvement, still their well known style remained quite untouched. Let me expalin what I mean about that...

"Running Out Of Time" features some more Heavy Metal and early AOR influences than audible on previous albums... true fact is that you won’t hear me complain about it. Melodic Metal breathing down your neck during opener ‘Black Or White’ and next ‘Sins Of The Heart’ featuring awesome guitar tactics and killer vocals! True fact is that Daniel Band has a subscription of making outstanding semi ballads… listen carefully to ‘Long Time’ and let your soul be surrounded by the beauty of it.  Each one in the band dealing with top-notch skills… kinda old Def Leppard reminiscent! ‘Hold On’ will please fans of American Oriented Rock for sure. ‘Part In Heaven’, ‘We Need Love’ and ‘Griddy Little Hands’ are mid paced melodic Hard Rock/Metal tracks including nice and easy riffs but, and as always, decent leads. Would I go back in time to the early Santers, Ratt or Dokken album to compare? Classic Rock fans won’t forget, ‘Things Are Changin’’ might be complete you expectations. This one is too cheesy for me but the title track brings back to good old vibes of melodic Classic Hard Rock. 

Last song appears as a bonus track and it calls ‘One’ – brand new track by the band just to prove their still good players and believers in the mighty forces of Christian Rock and Metal music. ‘One’ sounds hard, kinda groovy or Stoner Rock minded – I heard much better works from them in the past but still, it gives me a great feel knowing that these guys are still making music anyway. If the band will appear at one particular day with a brand new album is not clear at this moment – I’ll cross my fingers but only time will tell! 

The ‘Retroarchives Edition’ of Daniel Band’s swansong effort “Running Out Of Time” knew how to charm me. 80s Rock and Metal brings a lot of nostalgic moments on top, unfortunately, those were the days – this is now if you know what I mean. Best Daniel Band album to me… I conclude that they can be look back confidentially and full of pride for the delivery of great music (five albums in total) throughout many years . On the hunt for some rare and real good old school hard rocking, melodic stuff, order this output and many other, highly recommended articles at: www.retroactiverecords.net 

My Points: 88 / 100 (Review by Stefan)