Metal To Infinity

Do you know a band from Puerto Rico? I do, Dantesco… Do you know a second one? I don’t and it’s even hard to point Puerto Rico at a map of the world. As far as I know it’s a little island somewhere between North and South America, in the neighborhood of Cuba and the Caribbean...  No, I have never been there, it’s at least at my ‘want to do’ lost. Anything else I need to say about Puerto Rico? I suppose it’s a beautiful country and at least Jennifer Lopez is the most famous person I know from out there. But as I’ve told before I know Dantesco because I own their very first album… 

If you’re a fan of Candlemass, Solitude Aeturnus, Doomsword and other traditional Doom Metal bands Dantesco is certainly a band you need to discover. Dantesco is Epic and mixes Doom with heavy loaded traditional Heavy Metal. Nothing special I hear you say? Well, as a matter of fact Dantesco is one of a kind and that has a lot to do with singer Erico La Bestia. 

This man is a schooled Opera singer, some kind of tenor and that can easily be heard on every album the band has written. As far as I know this is their third record and again I am astonished because of his vocal performances. I’ve missed the second album of the band and it seems I didn’t miss a thing... Erico La Bestia seems to have experimented with his voice, trying to sound like King Diamond and it seems the result was terrible. I shouldn’t know but if I have the chance I will check it out anyway. 

Going back to “Seven Years Of Battle” I don’t hear any mistakes of Erico La Bestia. Just as he did on the first album he shouts out his lungs and his voice seems to very stable. The man has some kind of unique vocal sound, making me remind Messiah Marcolin although La Besitia’s voice is lower. Here and there he’s still uses high pitched voices, in the background and it fits; nothing wrong to me anyway. 

Musical wise Dantesco is still the Epic band I used to know. This band contains strong musicians who really know how to write a good song. Every single track is more than worth checking this CD out. Ear catching are at least the drums, some technical double bass drums can be heard right here. Dantesco is spiritual, often sophisticated in performances and the strong production is another trump. A big difference between this one and the former albums is that Dantesco now uses English lyrics. It should give the band the possibility to maintain more fame, to seduce the rest of the world. Not that the band will ever dominate the world but in my opinion the band is ready to conquer the European True Metal scčne in Europe.  

This is more than an enjoyable CD with great songs, good played guitars, awesome riffs and interesting guitar solos. Add a unique kind of vocals – from which I am convinced you’d either love them or hate them – and you’ll have the perfect idea what this is all about. Check their website http://www.myspace.com/dantescoepico or http://www.stormspell.com.  

My Points: 85 / 100 (Review by Officer Nice)