Metal To Infinity

I am always looking forward to new Stormspell releases. For some reason this label became one of my favorite ones… Well, the real reason is that this have always treated US Metal very good and thanks to them some forgotten gems were re-released. The cool thing about the label is that they always bring out albums in some kind of package. Now it seemed time to release this EP and the album of Noctum.  

These guys are from Portland / USA and I admit I missed their debut. That’s a pity because I’ve read very positive reviews about it. It didn’t stop me liking this one as a purist of True Eighties Metal. This is the kind of underground bands that every Eighties Metal fan will like for sure. Influenced, by the major part, by NWOBHM, the band offers us five good songs. The production could be stronger to make the songs sound more overwhelming although I doubt if  Darblack really wanted to sound that way. I really have the feeling obscurity is some kind of ‘key word’ here and you won’t discover any modern influences on this disc. Nevertheless the four tracks are good enough to check this band out, at least if what I’ve written this far pleases you.  

Another point of criticism is that the bass guitar overpowers both guitarists too much in my opinion. And yes, you can think Iron Maiden on this point. After all Iron Maiden is, as usual, a clear source of inspiration although the very old Saxon and Priest (not the vocals) are coming close too. Even Jag Panzer is crossing my mind but be aware that all bands I’ve mentioned wrote classic ones in the Eighties, Darblack doesn’t hook up with them on “Midnight Wraith”. This is some different kind of sound we hear from Stormspell Records. Okay, it’s US Metal but more obediently as we’re used from out there. A good, yet no exceptional, release you can purchase at http://www.stormspell.com/label.  

My Points: 80 / 100 (Review by Officer Nice)