Metal To Infinity

Dark Covenant is a three piece Epic Doom metal act from Quebec, Canada formed by two guys walking the path of Metal for a very long time. Yves Allaire (guitars, keyboards and drums) and his companion / singer Christian Verrault were both active in a band called Dawn Of Sorrow (1993) – true fact to mention, they were hooked on Doom Metal icons like Candlemass and Solitude Aeturnus among others but unfortunately it’s a sad point to tell that Dawn Of Sorrow broke up later on. Yves and Christian decided to quit ways to follow their own musical pathways as time passed by throughout 16 years! A story that repeats itself so many times before, also these two Doom Metal merchants reunited after all those years. Never break up a good musicianship – if you do, you probably will find each other in a future life. Ask Dark Covenant and they will be able to endorse… 

Singer Christian Verrault’s brother Stephane completed the Dark Covenant ranks as bass player – I'm pleased to announce that all goes very well with the band. France based record label Emanes Metal Records saw potential in these guys and let them sign a deal for the ultimate breakthrough, a debut album entitled “Eulogies For The Fallen”. 

Obviously, Dark Covenant is totally hooked and made to play Doom Metal all the way out. To focus myself on the vocals only, Dark Covenant drags me into the direction of early Manilla Road or Solitude Aeturnus alleys – something like a combination of Mark Shelton and Robert Lowe, actually two of my own, favourite singing legends. Checking out the entire “Eulogies Of The Fallen” I can’t ignore the fact that the vocal lines had to stand more in the front. Yves Allaire has a unique voice and it doesn’t feels good when I have to force myself on what he sings. Due to he stands too much in the background, it pulls down my final score in the end and that’s a pitiful fact to admit. Checking out tracks like ‘Forever Amongst The Ruins’, ‘Black Sun Rising’ or ‘Perennial Solitude’ – well, I know for sure that frontman Yves really is able to offer his vocal lines very unique, clean and melancholic – basically very well done! 

Musically wise, Dark Covenant deliver Epic Doom Metal in a so called basic manner which is the only right way to play this type of music. Ultra heavy laden guitar riffs, still without losing the eye on the melodic parts – mostly following slow and dragging rhythms, Dark Covenant sounds as dark as the blackness of the night and feels good to me. I also like to recommend you all to check out a song called ‘Black Raven’ – quite hard to explain but this one has a special atmosphere on board. Ultra basic but heavy guitar riffs, partial sad and dramatic kinda like vocals (even with a high pitched vocal line as well!)… a composition that maybe differs from the rest, in the end it’s still a good song worth to lay your doomy ears on. 

Time for a final judgement on Dark Covenants debut album “Eulogies For The Fallen”. This isn’t an album for those who like Metal in a mainstream way, let that be clear! I'm sure the band gives a shit about trendy Metal crap - instead Dark Covenant is here with one mission to complete ... delivering natural born, unwarped Epic Doom Metal in the vein of early Manilla Road / Black Sabbath, Solitude Aeturnus, Dantesco, Candlemass and so on.  I'm a bit disappointed on the fact the vocals are placed too much in the background but based on that point, they can learn from their mistakes in the near future. Doom Metal addicts are recommend to order “Eulogies For The Fallen” without a doubt. www.emanesmetalrecords.com  -  band info at: www.darkcovenantdoom.com  

My Points: 73 / 100 (Review by Stefan)