Metal To Infinity

The West Midlands of the U.K. is the place where the five guys from Dark Forest come from. You might know that in Canada, a band walking around with the same bandname so do not be fooled about this. The review I’m writing down right now belongs to Dark Forest hailing us all straight from England, let that be clear! Guitar player Christian Horton formed the band back in 2002 along with his brother in Metal Dave Betham (bassist). As I could read on Dark Forest’s Facebook page, they’re fascinated by themes like folklore, history, conspiracy, time and stuff – if you listen to the lyrics on the new album “Dawn Of Infinity”, you’ll immediately hear that all these issues are incorporated in it. To let speak your heart while making music is the right attitude to me. 

“Dawn Of Infinity” is a real good Heavy Metal album. Vocalist Will Lowry Scott knows how to fully convince me with his talented throat. I won’t compare with other frontmen but I still want to mention that he already can be added to the category of very promising singers in the nowadays Metal scene . And I do not exaggerate at all – loud and very clear… excellent Heavy Metal vocalist! Christian Horton and James Lees, the axemen of Dark Forest is a another value in the band. Pure Metal riffing and glimmering, galloping / very melodic, sharp as a knife guitar solo’s nearly making me high. I also witnessed great bass works and pounding Metal drums as it should be - this is what True Heavy Metal is about people. If you don’t feel the Metal rush while listen to Dark Forest’s “Dawn Of Infinity”, stop fooling around calling yourself a metalhead!   

As time passed by, Dark Forest created a first full length album and two EP’s before their newest piece saw daylight through Italian based label Cruz Del Sur Music… they can be very proud with a product like this. Good produced and loaded with 10 pure HM songs, “Dawn Of Iniquity” has everything on board to let run Metal through your veins smoothly. This is the right drug for addicts of Iron Maiden, Manowar, Hammerfall, Pharaoh, Wind Wraith, Wretch – also, all those into NWOBHM better order “Dawn Of Iniquity” as fast as possible. One by one, all of the songs have very tasteful rhythms and melodic lines to offer. In a playful manner, great compositions will pass your Heavy Metal ears. So let you luxuriant hair flying around by doing the headbanging stuff during pieces like ‘Hourglass’, ‘Seize The Day’, ‘The Tor’, ‘Black Delta and last one ‘Deadly Premonition’.  

Dark Forest doesn’t sound ‘dark’ at all, instead they bring refreshing, loud and clear Heavy Metal music that makes me feel alright… great album and very recommendable product for True Heavy Metal maniacs only! Check Dark Forest at: www.myspace.com/darkforestrealm  label contact at: www.cruzdelsurmusic.com  

My Points: 88 / 100 (review by Stefan)