Metal To Infinity

For the very first days of existing concerning Swedish based Dark Illusion, we have to go back into time – more specifically to 1982. Some school mates met each other, shared thoughts about favourite music and stuff like that… they wanted to set up a band by the name Dark Illusion. Full of ambition and loads of good ideas the guys just went on straight forward – unfortunately they never got any form of attention from the outside-world which led to a temporary end of Dark Illusion. 

Each one of the members found its own way – some played in cover bands, as for guitarist Tomas Hultqvist, he never quit writing new songs. As years passed by, along with ex-Dark Illusion rhythm guitar player named Niklas Tengblad… they decided to give Dark Illusion a newborn life. They recruited new singer Thomas Vikström and recorded a first EP “For Just Another Night” followed by a full-length effort “Beyond The Shadows” that was filled with older ‘reworked’ songs plus a few others Tomas Hultqvist wrote in the early 90’s. I've reviewed this CD and gave a well deserved, high rating because of the real Metal feel i've got while listening to it back then! Good worldwide reactions on this output came in, a new bassist and drummer joined forces – from that moment on – Dark Illusion was ready for a next Metal attack! 

It was hard labour for both producers Hultqvist and Tengblad to write new songs but they made it, even with success! Now, a band that started so many years ago and struggled through hard times but never gave up the fight – Dark Illusion is back with something new, something real good… here’s the brand new, 10 song loaded effort “Where The Eagles Fly”.  

This is my second contact with Dark Illusion and it’s great to hear these guys back anyway! Their new effort sounds amazing to me – Melodic Power Metal to the bone with and a wink to many giants of Classic Heavy Metal… again “Where The Eagles Fly” stole my attention completely. Awesome Power / Heavy Metal played as it should be and brought without following the European Metal scene in an exaggerated form… as for myself, I'm real glad with it!   

Based on the technical point of their music, Dark Illusion totally succeeds. Loud and very clear, sometimes high pitched vocals and that’s okay to me… in the vein of Hammerfall, Saxon, Axel Rudi Pell, Scorpions and early Riot front men – this way vocal use really brings me in a very pleased mood! Fast but technical guitar duties to the extreme – every now and then, I can fill my heart even with US Metal alike guitar riffs (listen to ‘Spellbound’ or ‘Epic). Fans of Riot (‘’Thundersteel’’ period) better take a good listen at ‘My Heart Cries Out For You’ and ‘Running Out Of Time’– followers of good old RJ Dio, watch out for a song called ‘Evil Masquerade’. ‘Only The Strong Will Survive’ is also a superb track what makes that blood runs through my veins like cold blue steel… another great one anyway! 

Yeah, I'm truly elated with Dark Illusion’s new output “Where The Eagles Fly”! It has all on board what a good Metal album asks for… Technically strong as iron, great singer, straight up production, total packaging looks professional – I only can recommend this silver disc to all those into delicious Heavy / Power Metal music in the vein of Axel Rudi Pell, Hammerfall, early Riot / Saxon / Scorpions / Accept. Go check them out at: www.darkillusion.se   Brilliant album from a great and very promising band for the Metal future. Once again - satisfied all over! 

My Points: 92 / 100 (Review by Stefan)