Metal To Infinity

Fronted by Brazilian Fabio Santos, Darklight Corporation is based in New Zealand and also features Chris Prenter on guitars / production… Elliot Chao plays the basslines and Tim Mekalick handles the drums.  Together for 3 years, these guys just released their new album “Pitchblack”. Actually their second one (debut saw daylight in April 2010) and is being promoted in New-Zealand, Australia and Europe. 

The CD contains 9 songs and lasts for only 30 minutes. Darklight Corporation brings to us, strong music including heavy grooves, good rythmics spiced with electronical elements. The songs are based on well brought riffs and chopping drums. The vocals are a combination of grunting and clean singing in the melodious parts. His voice reminds me of Max Cavalera. The lyrics are quite negative and most likely point to the way things are going on in the world. 

With 'Scar My Eyes' as opener they start with the very clear message 'Fuck The Revolution'. Strong heavy riff with a good keyboard accompaniment - a track that blows you from your seat and which is very promising for what the rest of the album will bring on. So next song 'The Fallen' delivers the goods as well and with 'Crazy Horse' they bring to us Metalcore with a hint to industrialism, and a frontal attack at the world. And the anger continues with 'Blackout'. Then we come to the single entitled 'Down In A Hole'. A good choice as this is one of the better works on “Pitchblack”. Here we get to hear all that Darklight Corporation stands for - heavy and melodious moments interchange with each other. Make notice of the fact that the present keyboard and industrial sounds make this a good song. 'Leviate' is more of a melodious piece, especially the refrain that even allows us to sing along… maybe their next single???? 'Enter The Void' is an instrumental that is more of an intro for 'Lost Soul Society'. Another song full of anger, with a chopping riff and melodious middle. We end with 'Smother', a good end to a good CD that, for me, could have even lasted longer.  

If you're a fan of Cavalera Conspirasy, Sepultura, Fear Factory..... then you should definitely listen to ‘Pitchblack’ as there is a comparison. The band will be touring their home country New-Zeeland and Australia in September. The plan is to cross the waters straight to Europe at the beginning of 2012 and  awaiting to that, I will play “Pitchblack” by Darklight Corporation on a regular basis for sure! http://www.darklightcorporation.com/fr_home.cfm

My rating 86 / 100 (Review by Metalandy)