Metal To Infinity

I received this CD at the same time I get “Portrait Of Evil”. It was just a coincidence I took the other one first to review.  Strange to notice Dark Mirror released two albums in the same year. Anyway, this is the fourth album of Dark Mirror, “Portrait Of Evil” can be considered as their latest effort. As I wrote in my Other review there’s a lot of positive to say about this band. They’re into pure Heavy Metal – the American way  and that should please every Metal fan, especially those who like their stuff with a serious blink to the Eighties Metal movement. 

This album takes off with a calm intro, followed by what was supposed to be a frightening female scream. It didn’t work out this way and the pause between it and the first track, “Nightmare” sounds unprofessional. Anyway the first song is indeed a good song and delivers what we want from a good Metal song. The up tempo rhythm, the fast riffs, the high pitched vocals… An important difference I notice already is that the production isn’t as strong as it was on their latest release. 

We discover the same kind of vocals, clear and high pitched, often in the backs. Once more I notice the high pitched screams might need more stability. With this record Dark Mirror reminds me very strongly to Ravensthorne and Halloween, the band that released pearls like “Don’t Metal With evil” and “No One Gets Out”. Dark Mirror plays more the typical kind of US Power Metal on this release, it sounds darker and therefore I really like this album. The lack of a second guitarist and the other side is obvious, especially because, as I’ve said before, the production I weaker. Anyway it proves the band keeps on improving and that’s awesome! The fact a second guitar player joined the band might be one of the best strategic decisions the band took until now. 

Maybe it is not 100% fair to compare this album with their last release but the band shouldn’t take my critics negative! In my other review I was very positive about Dark Mirror and I keep on believing this band is ready to release a true Metal masterpiece. The songwriting is on this album is mostly very good, the ideas are from qualitative, the performances mostly decent. More improvement by making a darker atmosphere, a stronger production and even ‘conceptual’ ideas will lift up Dark Mirror to a very high level, will make the band really irresistible in the future. Their last CD proves there are plenty of possibilities… 

Anyway this is a good album and songs like “No warning”, “The Eye Of the storm” , the Thrashy “Invisible Game” and “Dark Mirror” are awesome! The demo tracks at the end are for sure worth purchasing this album too. If you’re interested in my words you shouldn’t doubt purchasing this release and check the band at http://www.myspace.com/darkmirror 

My Points: 79 / 100 (Review by Officer Nice)