Metal To Infinity

I guess that most of you will say that Bon Scott was the original vocalist of AC/DC, but that’s incorrect. The headbangers from down under started their career with Dave Evans behind the microphone, although he never recorded anything with the lads. Of course it’s always easy if you can put the AC/DC label behind your name, and that’s what Dave is doing to promote his second solo album ‘Judgement Day’, as a follow up of the debut ‘Sinner’ (1996).   

On his first solo album, the same ‘lightning strike’ symbol was used in between the first and last name, which also refers to AC/DC, but this time it’s replaced by a red star. Musically, we hear a lot of original AC/DC influences in the songs on this second output. I can understand that the heart and soul of Dave is connected with the Mega act that AC/DC became, but I guess that they succeeded in this giant success because they attracted another frontman in the band.  Dave is into the same musical style and direction, but you can consider his solo album as a decoction of the original. In a way, it’s understandable, as the sound and musical arrangements of AC/DC are much more attractive, much more simple but with an outstanding groove and rhythm … it’s almost impossible to equal them… 

The songs on ‘Judgement Day’ are cool rockers with a lot of passion, but always miss the strength and magnetism that others possess. This is perfect music for a night out in a smoky nightclub or bar; this is best consumed while playing billiards.  This is no-nonsense Hard Rock / Heavy Metal and I guess that Dave had a lot of fun during the recording sessions.  Now he’s ready and willing to go on tour and bring his songs in front of a live audience.  Perhaps the perfect vibe will arise and you will have a great evening of pure and dedicated Rock.  And that’s where it all will end.  Dave doesn’t have the skills to become a major act, nor has the knowledge to write songs above the average.  He’s doing nice things, and you don’t have to look for any further capacities, as there are none.  Only die hard fans of AC/DC will buy this album, just to complete their collection.  And Dave?  Well, he’ll play live and go on tour and will always refer to the short period of time that he was a member of one of the greatest Rock ’n’ Roll acts in the world… 

My Rating: 78 / 100 (Review by Patrick De Sloover)