Metal To Infinity

I missed the Ozzy Osbourne concert at the latest edition of the Graspop Metal Meeting (Belgium). I’m getting older and those mega big festivals don’t interest me anymore actually. Too crowded, too many fake Metal heads, too expensive… Actually that wasn’t the smartest thing I have ever done in my life because I am aware the chances to see our Godfather aren’t that big anymore. If we got older, he’s getting older, a fossil even but still the ultimate icon of Heavy Metal. This man influenced the entire Heavy Metal scène and therefore we should praise him forever and a day.

The fact he was the source of inspiration for uncountable musicians can be heard in especially the old traditional Heavy Metal and Doom Metal. In some cases it isn’t always that obvious but on the other hand there are bands who wake up and go to sleep with Black Sabbath, the old Black Sabbath that stood at the cradle of our black community. David Benson (Holy Psychotherapy) must have an altar where he prays to the Prince of Darkness every day because he’s gifted with a vocal sound that is pretty similar. Therefore the musical choices are obvious too and David Benson delivers us an album that is totally influenced by the early Seventies Black Sabbath.

With tracks like “Premonition of Doom”, “Fight”, “The Struggle” and the seven minutes during “Commissioned” he can’t hide his never-ending worshipping of Ozzy Osbourne. If I listen tot his one I hear old Black Sabbath and although the man wrote these songs himself they could have been on the originals too. What I miss are tracks that take me by the throat but I suppose only the originals are able to write ‘classics’. Fans of Black Sabbath in the Ozzy-era and all formations who were directly influenced by them (Trouble, Saint-Vitus…) shouldn’t doubt purchasing this and I’m for one hundred percent sure they will adore this release! A great Christian Metal band that brings memories back with other songs and a more modern production! Check http://www.facebook.com/davidbensonmusic.

My Points: 82 / 100 (Review by Officer Nice)