Metal To Infinity

This time I venture to a discussion from an Irish band called Dead Label, formed back November 2008 by Dan O’ Grady (bass & vocals), guitarist Danny Hall and female skin basher Claire Perceval. Dead Label started with great courage and intentions and debuted with a self-titled EP in October 2010. Things went good those days, they even won the Battle Of The Bands - The Crypt Tales competition. Talk about a formation who has not missed his start, Dead Label is the name people!  

Checking out their Myspace you will hear a free, wild and crazy Metal act akin to the sound of Trivium, Slipknot, Killswitch Engage alternating with Machine Head / Metallica or Pantera slices as these legends did at a later stage of their career. So the style of Dead Label has nothing to do with the ‘old school tradition’ – I’d rather like to call their alley of music a blend of modern Thrash and groovy kind of Core or even Nu kinda Metal stuff. When asked if I am close with this type of Metal I say no. You will never hear me say that Metal like this does not touch me at all – I do hear good rhythms and some sort of grim determination within the songs but following my heart, it’s too groovy / modern to me. It is also a genre that is globally offered on a very large scale so only the strongest bands will survive the battle between.  

Dead Label’s new album “Sense Of Slaughter” has twelve tracks on board produced by Mark Daghorn who’s well known from his collaboration with Cradle Of Filth, Orange Goblin, Raging Speedhorn, Trigger The Bloodshed and more. Sound quality is quite alright to me but I’m not really satisfied with the way the drums are recorded. For a genre like this, I had expected a much more heavy production of the drums which, unfortunately, lacks! The furious and aggressive vocals, guitars and bass bear me no worries so fans of all the above mentioned bands will be pleased for sure with the new output from Irish based trio Dead Label.  

Actually it doesn’t really matter of you like a band or not, true and irreversible fact is that to create a full album, you need a lot good ideas, courage and energy… therefore, all those bands not able to please still deserve my appreciation. Opinions may differ on certain releases but that depends from person to person. We as reviewers are supposed to follow our hearts when writing down a discussion – if you don’t, the review means nothing at all. Feel what your hear, be honest and release it - at least, that’s my opinion! Order Dead Label’s “Sense Of Slaughter” at:  

My Points: 68 / 100 (Review by Stefan)