Metal To Infinity

Death Benefit was introduced to me by Chris Violence, (the dude with the huge beard) of Cessation Of Life.  C.O.L. brought me already great times of pure metal with some thrash and brutal influences, so I was anxious to hear what this band was going to deliver. After some mailings back and forth, I received a track called ‘Book Of The Dead’ as a kind of appetizer.  Well, it was pretty obvious that Death Benefit would fit perfectly in my personal flavor! They bring their metal raw, relentless and mean, but the only critic that I had, was the overall sound of the song.   Months went by, and all in a sudden I received a second track, called ‘Levitations’.  The guys of Death Benefit succeeded in making progress, so we were glad to welcome their first studio album called ‘Resurrected’.    

If we go back to the early days of the band, we can say that their path wasn’t the easiest one.  The formation of Death Benefit was around 1996 in the area of Burbank, CA, U.S.A.  The West Coast had to deal with a band that created a set list of brutal thrash metal and hardcore punk songs. Although they had plans to record some of the stuff, it never came to fruition. One of the founding members, Mike Marlow (guitars), died in a motorcycle accident and  a little later, Greg Conti (drums) died after fighting a pancreatic cancer. In memoriam of these former members, the band released a live DVD  (Live Hate/Haunting The Whiskey), and in stead of putting the band on ice, they decided to fight back, stronger than ever before. .. .. 

So, this is now, and Resurrected is ready to be unleashed on the metal crowd! This is the result of hard working in a recording studio, and the result is pretty amazing! The passionate musicians of Death Benefit recruited some friends like Chris Violence (guest vocals in ‘The Conscience Of The king’) and Chris Mulville (2nd guitar in ‘Southern Drawl’), and all together they give full axe to blow your brains out!  The band is able to bring varied songs, they play their metal loud and proud, and the furious riffs are ear splitting!   

Lyrical wise, they don’t avoid any path. Song titles like ‘The Cross’ and ‘The Book Of The Dead’ might give you the idea that this is a Christian or White Metal band, but on the contrary they have lyrics like ‘Butchery And Blasphemy’ and anti-establishmentarianism, anti-religion and the paranormal.  This band likes to kick you in the face with straight forward lyrics (e.g.: the lyrics of ‘Southern Drawl’), but all accompanied with great stampede riffs and songs!  

Those that want to hear some tunes of Death Benefit, check their homepage and take a sneak preview! ( ), and if you want to hear a cool version of Highway to Hell, just check the homepage of Cessation Of Life, as you will encounter a great live performance of Chris with C.O.L. and guest guitar player Smokin’ Jay Rivera (Death Benefit) on guitars.   

No comment at all on this ‘Resurrected’ product? Well, just a little, as the sound quality isn’t 100% like it should sound nowadays, but the pleasure of the songs and the enthusiasm of the members make it all worth to check this band out!  

My rating: 80 / 100 (Review by Patrick De Sloover)