Metal To Infinity

New release on Pure Steel Records comes from a 4-piece band that hails us from Germany and listens to the name Deathfist. On their list of brought out releases so far I can give you only one title from an EP entitled “Demons” independently unleashed in 2009. The line-up contains two members Mortal Remains and I'm sure that this name does ring a bell by true Thrash Metal addicts. 

Thrash Metal – well that’s exactly Deathfist’s trademark for sure! Based on the music only, I’d like to call it more specially a mixture of old school European and American minded Thrash Metal.  Bands that linger on while hearing the entire album are early (European acts) Destruction / Kreator / Deadhead / Invocator and American acts like Morbid Saint, Slaughterlord, Lich King or Ultimatum as well. Focus my mind on the vocal lines mainly, I’d like to mention the following to compare with: Maurice Swinkels (ex Occult / Legion Of The Damned), Schmier (Destruction), Tom Van Dijk (ex-Deadhead) and very early Mille from Kreator! Deathfist’s vocal delivery by Corrina Becker is very aggressive – her throat cut through flesh and bone in a complete merciless way! 

“Too Hot To Burn” runs for 40 minutes like a bullet from a machine gun – ultra fast guitar riffs and destructive double bass drums… all the great rhythms to force you to start bang your head but only the strongest will survive these high speed velocities… Deathfist shows no mercy at all! From opener ‘Apotheosis’ until the last song ‘World Of Darkness’, there is no holding back so better take your precautions before give this pure thrashing effort a spin. To me personally there is a lack of slicing and thrashing guitar solo’s. Don’t get me wrong, Deathfist’s way of Thrash Metal is very good but if they would ad some more mayhemic axe grindings to the entire package I should be more pleased. That’s just a little argument to complain actually so take it for what it’s worth.  

“Too Hot To Burn” isn’t original at all but I don’t care about that. Old school Metal is timeless so I will raise my fist up high and say hell yeah, this is a well done product made for all Thrash Metal maniacs, pure as can be. Check them out at:

My Points: 84 / 100 (Review by Stefan)