Metal To Infinity

A live album of Death Row? No, this isnít the German Thrash Metal formation; it is a US Metal band that I only knew by name, not because of their music. Actually this is an old band, formed somewhere in 1978. It is clear Death Row is mainly influenced by old Black Sabbath; in their time they created the base of Doom Metal and pure Heavy Metal or in other words the Ozzy Osbourne era. 

Well, the first notes makes me believe this is some kind of rehearsal, some kind of jam session. What a terrible sound! It seems that these are recordings from a Knoxville concert somewhere back in 1982(!). Great for people who like to collect this kind of stuff but the quality is so bad it hurts my ears. Not that Death Row is a bad band, no, this is some great Heavy Metal but I really wonder why the label did spend their money releasing this. CD 1, yes this is a double CD, is only good for one spin. 

CD 2 doesnít improve that much, itís even worse as this are real rehearsal sessions from 1981. Sorry guys, but this is too weak to listen too. Iím quite sure there was talent in the band but I really cannot get into this CD. This might be a cult release, an obscure double album from an even more obscure band but no matter how much I adore the eighties sound, I canít concentrate myself on this one. 

My Points : 50 / 100 (Review by Officer Nice)