Metal To Infinity

Irish pure Death / Doom Metal with a huge share for the throat of Pauric Gallagher, who’s also in charge for the deep, dragging guitar layers in the songs. Only four tracks, with a total duration of  32 minutes, but dude, this is Heavy!  Track one and two melt together as one and both songs are blistering all the way !  The second one has a much more up speedy tempo and the vocals are even more imminent !  

This band is hailing from Donegal in Ireland and were signed by Lugga Music from Spain. It indicates that the guys from Lugga know exactly what good music is all about. This is extreme art, and it great that Decayor got the chance to get on their roster! 

The third track is called ‘The Sacred Heart Is Bleeding’ and again we get a lot for the money.  This song has a good structure and arrangement and the production and mixing is done by the band themselves. Really great, but at the same time as raw as it can get!  The layout and logo of this product was done by Gary Byrne, who’s the drummer of this threesome. 

“Recurring Times Of Grief” is a product that needs your attention as well!  This second EP can be described as heavy as hell but in the same time they prove that they have the skills to create something brutal and outstanding!  They are filed under Death / Doom, but there is much more to offer, so check this band’s homepage and order your personal copy of ‘Recurring Times Of Grief’ :  

My Rating:  86 / 100 (Review by Patrick De Sloover)