Metal To Infinity

Desdemon is a New York, 4 piece (plus guest keyboardist) - dark and sinister influenced Progressive Power Metal featuring  ex-Lazarus (Traditional US Metal band) bassist Ron Pocelli. Ron hooked me up a while ago and told me about the co-operation with Desdemon, a brand new group which differs completely from the sound of his former band Lazarus (and please don’t be confused with US Thrash Metal act Lazarus A.D. for all certainty). I was entirely hooked on Ron’s way of delivering bass works when he was active in Lazarus, a great band who played one of my favourite styles of music so called US Metal! But I was curious about his new band Desdemon – Ron sent me a copy of their debut EP called “Awakening”… here’s my overview on the effort. 

First thing I have to say is that Desdemon has absolutely nothing to do with Traditional US Metal! You’ve have to deal with a well skilled band, female fronted and a sound ranging from Dark to Progressive Metal with slices taken from the world of Progressive / Power and even Black Metal. Yeah, the band’s style has a wide range and that’s always nice to listen at.  

I’d like to tell something about the voice of Mistress Tina who has a vocal use offering double feeling to me. When Tina uses her voice in a normal, clean way I absolutely have a great time but as soon as she starts a more falsetto kinda or deeper way of singing, my complete attention fades away. To me, she best can use her throat in normal still very clean ways and forget about the rest. Listen to the beginning of ‘A Soul In Exile’ for example. Below the average to me but there is a voice repair listenable later on this song. That’s the reason why I would like to recommend Mistress Tina to use her throat only in a normal, very clean way because the rest can be considered a ‘too high seized’.  

Based on the musical aspect of Desdemon, I have no reason to complain honestly spoken. I hear great build up and, especially dark minded songs never gives a boring feel throughout the entire EP. Complete focussed on the great guitar riffings plus outstanding solo duties – as a US Metal maniac I can assure other brothers and sisters in arms – you will be pleased too! Ex- Lazarus bass shredder Ron Pocelli’s name is changed into Pelagius I recon… no problem with that, the main point is that this guy is still in upper condition! 

Two last songs on “The Awakening” entitled ‘The Burning Martyr’ and ‘In The Absence Of Light’ to show that Desdemon is more than just a regular act that plays a style of music already offered by uncountable others the last few years. Song structures are excellent, many forms of musical skills is what I heard,…  

If I’ve been forced to compare Desdemon with other bands I would mention: Within Temptation, After Forever, Edenbridge, Dakrua, Epica, Dark Moore,… you know, that kinda stuff! Everyone who feels itself commissioned to these bands, find your way to Desdemon by checking out next homepages:  /  

My Points: 80 / 100 (Review by Stefan)