Metal To Infinity

Desert Sin is a band that maintained my attention because of the awesome front cover of their very first album. And they did it again… Once more these guys use an attractive front cover, this time for the album under the name “Destination Paradise”. It’s a fact that the most beautiful front covers can be found in the Metal scčne but some bands are paying more attention to it than others. To me it is important that the cover is attractive because in that case I am aware of the band’s professionalism, the will to please the listener.

Also musical wise Desert Sin pleased me with their very first album. It was a refreshing sound in this kind of Power Metal, not that easy in this oversaturated genre. As usual the follow-up album is the most difficult one and so I was anxious to listen to this one.

The acoustic intro overwhelms me and I am totally focused! Desert Sin immediately starts good with their title song, a mixture of enforced Power Metal and Progressive ingredients. Desert Sin does it again! Do they? Well, I don’t want to be too hasty because too many bands disappointed me in the past with their second album…

Desert Sin is a pure Power Metal band and so they’re constantly looking for melodic lines on empowered arrangements. Not that easy if you would ask me, especially because I have heard so much in this genre before… It’s hard to take the listener by the throat with heavy songs that encounters vocal lines that keep on playing on your mind! Especially when the band chooses to deliver dark music it isn’t that simple. Desert Sin isn’t able to reach that goal on this album at once but this release needs its time! Although the first impression might be positive I advice you to let this records make its spins. It will grow on you. I miss the direct overwhelming sound and to be honest I am convinced the band uses too much of the same rhythms. A bit more variation wouldn’t have hurt this record.

Musical wise it isn’t that difficult to discover this band contains good musians. The vocal parts, the keyboards, the guitars, the drum sessions… Oh yes, they’re convincing and Desert Sin grows on me with their second album. Is this one better than the first release? Well, no, not to me because I miss some real highlights. The debut did more to me than “Destination Paradise” but at least this is no ‘letdown’. Fans of good Heavy melodic Power Metal should check this one out at

My Points: 82 / 100 (Review by officer Nice)