Metal To Infinty

I have never been the biggest Black Metal fan but when I visited a Metal shop in Bruges I was blown away by an unfamiliar band to me; Destroyer 666. Man, this sounded overwhelming, incredible dark, mysterious, sophisticated and so damn evil! I didn't doubt for a second laying my hand on this one... I even doubted if this was Black Metal, the Death and Thrash Metal influences are present all over! Since a few days I can't listen to anything else...    

What I adore about this release is the entire intimidating atmosphere; it seems this release comes right from the depths of hell. This album is growing, no, crawling on me after every spin, making me feel frightened and mystified. The perfect modern production, the outstanding riffs, the screaming guitars and the dark grunts take me by the throat. No, I never have thought Black Metal, from Australia by the way, would make part of my life. Oh yes, this music scares me, just the way I like it.  

I have always been fair telling that I'm not the biggest fan of extreme forms of Metal but the last months some kind of spell made a part of me; the curse of gloomy and sinister Metal. I adore listening to this kind of music at night, it seems the perfect moment to made this kind of music part of me...

No weak points at this release and thankfully the band decided not to play too much arrangements on double speed. Most songs are mid tempo but varied enough to get me on my knees. The rhythmic foundation, the frequent tempo changes and the constantly aggressive, call it evil, approach makes this release as addictive as pure angel dust! Tracks like “Weapons of conquest”, “Blood for blood”, “The path to conflict” and the mighty “Sermon to the death” have some kind of dark magic charm into them. As a matter of fact every particular song has something ‘special’, something ‘wicked and threatening’! Especially “Sermon to the death” is overwhelming, overpowering, pure beauty in darkness, a sinister piece of art… The combination of the grunts and clear vocals into this song are out-stan-ding! 

No words can explain how much I adore this album and I’m already sure it will end high in my year list. This album knows too many great moments to mention, is full of what Metal all is about! I hear great screaming solos, awesome choruses, ripping riffs, mind blowing arrangements! Form, structure, balance, focus, and melody are in a perfect balance and the strong production weaves the mysterious darkness into the entire album. The result is a wall of sound that can’t be stopped!  

I noticed Deströyer 666 will visit my country at the end of this year, oh yes, I’ll be there! This CD made me order some other releases from this Australian band, makes me curious about other similar bands. This isn’t at all a modern band that searches for success, radio attention or whatever. This is a Metal band ‘pur sang’ and the Aussies should be proud of it! I want more of these cold shivers! I just discovered a new world…

My Points: 97 / 100 (Review by Officer Nice)