Metal To Infinity

Formed in 2005 by ex-The Chariot members David Hopper (vocals) and drummer Jeff Carter, Roswell, Georgia USA based Deus Invictus’ ambition was to play their own style of Metal music with Christian oriented lyrics. The band underwent some line up changes through the years such as founding vocalist David Hopper who stepped out of the core – while checking out the nowadays line up, John Michael Dietz took over the vocal duties and better be prepared for this guy’s very unique way of performing! 

Writer of the lyrics Jeff Carter and music composer Nicholas Shacklette (guitars / drums) started the writing process in 2008 and it took two years before everything was worked out to unleash Deus Invictus’ debut effort called “Staged In Awaiting” through Bombworks Records (Seattle USA). Well, two years might be a long time to wait but when you hear the end result I'm sure you will understand what’s the story behind!  

The band created eleven songs spread over more than 65 minutes! Mainly it’s the way all the songs have been worked out that speaks to my imagination. Make notice of the fact Deus Invictus really are creators of a unique form of Metal music. These guys’ name of the game can be described as technical Progressive Death Metal – from time to time experimental / fusion-esque minded but the main point that completely take me by surprise are the guitar movements… ultra fast and pure technical – awesome!  

Those who are familiar with bands like Atheist, Nocturnus, Suffocation, Arsis, Nile or Cynic to name but a few definitely are recommended to check out Deus Invictus. I'm sure that’s why it took quite a long time to release an album like “Staged In Awaiting”. Not only their style of music is sophisticated – another unique element in this game are the vocal use which offer a wide pallet ranges from very aggressive / grunts to very clean singing passages as well. I don’t know how they do it but all fits very well without a doubt. 

I'm not an 100 % Death Metal fanatic but when particular bands come out to play their game in a way like Deus Invictus does – I'm in for sure simply because of the reason all the songs have very technical skills on board. So much aggression sometimes played in a furious tempo but always without losing its grip on the musical details (especially the guitar works are amazing)… this is one hell of a great effort for sure. To me the definition of the band’s trademark is: “expect the unexpected”… totally technical stuff for fans of open minded Progressive Death Metal who like to hear their Metal in an experimental manner as well.  

As for myself, I'm not interested in everything that has to do with experimental movements but Deus Invictus has a lot of more to offer so my final opinion: very good effort from one of the most sophisticated Death Metal acts at the moment. Maybe they can surprise you as much as they did to me – go check them out at:  

My Points: 85 / 100 (Review by Stefan)