Metal To Infinity

Diabolos Dust is a German band that represents their second album under the title “Ruins Of Mankind”. I must admit that the front cover is pretty eye catching, not in particular beautiful but at least remarkable. The concept is clear; this bands want to offer varied and melodic Thrash Metal in which the speed isn’t at all the main issue. Diabolos Dust contains a modern touch, except for the very last track which is a pure old school Heavy Metal song. Diabolos Dust weaves different rhythms into their music, in every single track. The riffs are constantly powerful and the band isn’t afraid to take the gear down or to offer multiple breaks into one and the same track.  

Fans of bands like Annihilator, Megadeth,  Pantera, Metallica, Nevermore but also for example Angel Dust or Brainstorm should try this band out. Diabolos Dust sounds mature and the entire album delivers for 100% pure Metal, without being overwhelming. Therefore the most songs aren’t ‘colored’ enough. Lini Toni seems to be a very good guitar player and I’ve heard more than one spectacular solo or guitar break. On some points Lini Toni sounds almost neo-classical and those parts are pretty impressive. In “Judgement Day” for example you can hear what I am talking about! It make me think to Vainglory and those who know their album “2050” know how fantastic mid tempo Power / Thrash with neo classical influences can sound! Overall the riffs are razor sharp and fantastic supported by great bass guitar lines and technical played drums. 

Vocal wise Diabolos Dust is fronted by a man called Jürgen Dachl. This man contains a very powerful - yes even good sounding - throat but to me the lack of emotions in his voice is a weak point and stands as a dark cloud above this record. On the other hand I have to admit this music isn’t meant to sound emotional or even melancholic although I am convinced such kind of vocals could lift up the band to a higher level. Dachl varies his vocal lines all the way but aggression is too much the red line in what he’s doing. Between clean vocals and grunts, that is what you can expect. None of the songs were able to really struck me and the vocals has a lot to do with it although, I repeat, this band contains a gifted vocalist. 

I have nothing to say about the strategy of this band and I can’t deny there is a lot of potential right here but I miss the dark atmosphere in this release which I was expecting when I saw the front cover for the first time! It’s a pity because this band is ambitious and competent and I am convinced they can do far better in song writing. They contain a great guitarist, a singer with possibilities and their musical ideas should be worked further out. Once more this seems to be a band that stands before a cross road of multiple musical directions and mostly this is the toughest part in the career of a group. This is a release fans of previous mentioned band surely should give a try. Http://www.myspace.com/diabolosdustmetal.  

My Points: 82 / 100 (Review by Officer Nice)