Metal To Infinity

Diamond Plate might be already known by the real Thrashers amongst you. I suppose we can consider them as a part of the New Wave Of US Thrash Metal movement. Thrash Metal is ‘in’ again and a new generation of Thrashers are conquering a part of the world. I can’t say that Thrash will ever be as popular as it was before but in all honesty we need to say bands like Warbringer, Evile, Avenger Of Blood and for example Bonded By Blood were able to create their own scène.  

Diamond Plate fits in that row, formed in 2004 and heading from Chicago/USA. Although this formation released some EP’s before “Generation Why?” is their official debut album. It takes off with an intro full of samples of American television stations with The Star-spangled Banner weaved in between. From there on the title track shows what this band really is about; pure and blade sharp Thrash Metal! 

Diamond Plate contains what a good harsh Thrash Metal band really needs! The band is for one hundred percent evil and bass player Jon Macak uses his serpentine voice for it! He screams all the time and mostly that “like it or not”….. To be honest I prefer ‘real’ vocals on this kind of music, especially because it’s not that difficult to hear what these guys are able to, musical wise speaking. Anyway I believe fans of a modern sounding Exodus really will adore this one…. Although – to be honest -  the vocals are the main reason Exodus doesn’t please me anymore nowadays!  

Needs to be said above Diamond Plate contains two fantastic guitar players! One after another outstanding guitar riff is heading your way and believe me if I say that also the leads are awesome! Mario Cianci seems to be a fantastic guitar player who lifts the band to a higher level than the other moderns bands in this style! In “More Than Words” the band really blows me away! Long time ago I’ve heard such a fantastic instrumental songs! This is world top, this can hook up with the best bands on earth! The drums are spectacular as well, varied and with short played double bass. 

What I do like about Diamond Plate is the way they’re adding aggression into their music. They’re one of those exceptional bands who are able to let the music do that work, like for example Slayer (old albums), Exodud, Pantera, Death Angel and the other big bands could before. Believe me that’s a huge compliment for the band but I really mean what I say, there’s a big potential in Diamond Plate!  

Of course Diamond Plate is strongly influenced by the old school Thrash but in my opinion they add the modern sound a young band needs! This is no clone, not of the old bands neither of the new bands! Diamond Plate is Diamond Plate! Okay, it’s impossible to be for 100% original but the modern generation can’t deny this is one of the best bands in its style! I’m old fashioned and I still adore, even worship, the old school Thrash bands but Diamond Plate is one of the first modern Thrash bands that makes me thrill! 

Fast and slow, violent all the way and a focus on pure Thrash Metal! Diamond Plate wrote true songs, that’s probably their strongest point after all. The band is addictive because of those bludgeon drums, razor sharp riffs and ripping arrangements! The hooks, the leads, the tempo changes…. awesome! From “At The Mountains Of Madness” there’s meanwhile an official video you can check on Youtube! Negative points? Not exactly although I really want to hear this band with a better (even clean?) singer although I doubt it would make them successful! Thrash Metal maniacs can’t deny this album! http://www.myspace.com/diamondplate1.    

My Points: 86 / 100 (Review by Officer Nice)