Metal To Infinity

Disquiet is a five piece Metal band from Poland – the guys from Ukraine based Hell:On offered me this promo CD to review, honestly I was totally unfamiliar with Disquiet and in some ways that’s a shame actually. I just heard all the songs fulfilling their album “The Truth” which impresses me quite a lot. I’m not a complete fanatic of nowadays Metal music (because of my faith in the old school stuff remains intact) but one thing is for sure – if nowadays Metal is brought on in a way like Disquiet does, I’m in for sure! 

An effort like “The Truth” offers a lot of technical moves – as a worshipper of extreme talented guitar skills, I’ve got a real good time listening to both axemen bring on a true demonstration of how to handle a guitar in the most breathtaking manners. I can’t get enough of all the magical riffs as well as the solo’s (with a lot of melodic passages) because all is played in a brilliant way. Every shred guitar fan better find its way to the band’s homepage at: www.myspace.com/disquietmetal.com 

Another point I’m pleased with are the multiple ways the vocals appear – ranges from extreme aggression including grunts to crystal clear, nearly high pitched vocals… Disquiet serves it all in style with elegance all over. An I also like to show my admiration for both drum and bass lines… these guys shows what a great musicianship means all about! 

The describe the band’s style more specifically – well, to me comparisons with bands like In Flames, Gardenian, Bullet For My Valentine, Soilwork or Dark Tranquillity would be fair. I know that you have to be very good to be compared with these bands but Disquiet really deserve it – nine chapters spread over a running time of barely 40 minutes brought me in a comfortable position because of so many nice moves I’ve heard throughout the entire effort.  

We can have a discussion about their style of Metal but focussed on each on of the band’s musical talents only I step forward and say completely convinced that they are fantastic! “The Truth” – an independent release offered by a Polish band with talent rooted from deep within. A nowadays aggressive, melodic and technical Metal output, let’s say a must-have for those fixing themselves on musical perfection. 

My Points: 90 / 100 (Review by Stefan)