Metal To Infinity

Divided Multitude started back in 1995 in Norway, and so far they released two albums in the past. With this new one, the band worked harder than ever before, and the result is truly awesome!  Guardian Angel proves that they had a lot of touring under their belt, and the production  and mastering is done precise, heavy and open.  You hear all elements in the music of the band and as a whole, the sound of Guardian Angel is heavy, well dosed and surprising! 

Vocals of Sindre Antonsen need to be mentioned as well. He has a vocal range compared to none. His voice is interesting, fits perfect to the musical escapades and lifts the songs to  a higher level.  He’s the main man for this task, and without doubt a ‘key person’ in the sound of Divided Multitude.   

All songs have a progressive touch, the keys don’t bother, the guitars are played by a real axeman Christer Haroy, and together with his brother Rayner on bass, they deliver a solid rhythm section. The music of Divided Multitude is a real exploration and you will need a few spins to discover the beauty in this multi layer product.  If you listen to the cd with a headphone, you will be surprised about the concrete grip that these songs will have upon you. After a while you will be able to recognize the chorus lines, perhaps you will feel the urge to sing-along while shaking your head on the great rhythm and speed that the songs own.  This is just pure and beautiful ! This is the metal that I like the most, and the metal that will take you to the future! 

My rating: 94 / 100 (Review by Patrick De Sloover)