Metal To Infinity

This band has been on European soil as a support for Incantation during January 2010.  I missed their gig in Antwerp, but I guess that it has been a blast to see this band live.  Why? Well, the music on Vengeful And Obstinate is really cool and a must-hear for everyone who’s into a mixture of Death and Doom.   

One moment, they are ultra heavy, slow and dominating, the other moment they release all creatures from hell and beyond in a slaughtering way.  Divine Eve is bringing what the name of the band includes: rapture, the rise and fall, damnation and profanity. No surprise that they call their new output ‘Vengeful and Obstinate’! 

Only four tracks on this disc are enough to let you agree that this band has the power to split the world and to dominate! My first listening was already convincing, but the more you listen to the songs, the more you will get into them!  The duration of 17 minutes is the perfect introduction and although this band is still in the underground, I suppose that’s only a matter of time.  Divine Eve will please the masses that are into acts like Bathory, Celtic Frost, older Sabbath, Hellhammer, so they have a good companionship! 

I’ll keep my eyes wide open to see what they will undergo the next coming months and year. I hope that they will take time to write more songs of this quality and that they get another chance on Ibex Moon Records to spread the word! In the meantime, I’m going to listen to another round of ‘Whispers Of Fire’, ‘Vindication’, and I hope that they will return even more Vengeful and Obstinate! 

My rating: 84 / 100 (Review by Patrick Se Sloover)