Metal To Infinity

From the Upstate of South Carolina comes a four piece band named Divulgence, formed back in 2008 and as far as I know, “Future Seed” is their debut album released by Bombworks Records. These youngsters belong to the new generation of extreme Metal and are more than a welcome, precious gift from heaven. Actually, they bring a mix of old school Death / Gothenburg esque Metal and nowadays Thrash / Black Metal.  Every particle in the puzzle fits perfectly into one another so the only thing I can wholehearted say right now is that “Future Seed” is an overwhelming good product! 

It’s quite a long time ago I got such a great feeling while listening to an extreme album. Vocals alternately deep growling, aggressive… high and lower notes are kept at the medium level and that’s okay to me! The overall speed drum velocities are going really fast, still technically! The line up of Divulgence contains only but skilled to the teeth, gifted members. Most impressive point are the guitar moves delivering so much talent in the fields of extreme Metal – this is really fantastic! Based on both riffs and leads, my admiration is at a very high level.  

The build up of each and every song is amazing – Divulgence has a special gift to create their song structures just pure and attractive to the core. After the Introduction follows the track ‘Synaptic Tide’ which is a song that breathes the real identity of the band in all its aspects. Ultra fast bass & drums, awesome technical guitar powerplay and a singer who does not function as some kinda misfit but as an ultimately good matching frontman (and guitarist as well). The song also features a nice, progressive/fusion-esque break that allows you to take a gasping… a bit later on, full technical power and aggression returns in full glory.  

‘Cognition’ fires a lethal dose of fast guitar riffs, bending on regular times to Black Metal definitely. Actually I’m not into BM but damn right, Divulgence’s knows how to convince me… strange but that’s the way it is. I guess it all because of the fantastic guitar solo’s at the end of the song. So far, “Future Seed” sounds good, real good but with the song called ‘Forlorn In Distance’ my admiration reaches a peak. Thrash Metal which nods to the guitar sound of K. King/J. Henneman (Slayer) and Gary Holt (Exodus) – brought with passion and elegance through the entire band… what a generous work! The album really offers a wide range of variation, to end up in style they choose for an instrumental composition entitled ‘Rustic Skies’. And it’s not an instrumental like many others – this one feels different, nice and easy still perfectly worked out with progressive/fusion type of elements. Based on the technical moves, the score of it rises to a high value. 

Fans of dark-melodic-technical-extreme Metal will be asked to order Divulgence’s new album “Future Seed” as soon as possible. Akin to the sound of old Carcass/Malevolent Creation/Cynic, Quo Vadis/Demented Ted, Behemoth/Dimmu Borgir, Death/Slayer, early In Flames/Dark Tranquillity/Miscreant, Arsis, .…  double worth to purchase at: http://www.bombworksrecords.com/  

My Points: 90 / 100 (Review by Stefan)