Metal To Infinity

True Metal hailing from Pittsburgh, USA – that is what Dofka is all about and I’m a satisfied bastard concerning their new album “Humanity Bleak”, released independently a few weeks ago. Formed by guitarist Jim Dofka in 1989, the band brought out 2 demo and three brilliant full length efforts so far, including their newest “Humanity Bleak”. Dofka also appeared on awesome tribute CD’s bringing a deserved honour to greats like Dio, Iron Maiden, Savatage and Black Sabbath. Brilliant cover songs the guys delivered, they participated on non-tribute albums too… check out the compilation albums: “Get The Point Vol. 2” (1991), “BX&BK Knuckletracks XII (1991) to name but a few. I Still remember my first touch with the band – as a US Metal maniac, I was hooked on their style of acting right on! 

I’m not sure but I guess that former / guitarist Jim D. is the only member that can be considered as original musician. With a complete different line-up, Dofka spent 2 years making this new album worth to unleash. Make notice of the fact that the songs on “Humanity Bleak” has been written over a time span of  5 years – probably, you’ve heard different versions of some of the tracks in the past… New singer Andrew D’ Cagna really has a superb way of using his throat – be sure he does! Offering loud and very clear notes, this guy is also very good while using his voice in a more aggressive / brutal way. The question: ‘’Is Dofka fully taking the aggressive lane these days’’ might spinning around in the back of your head…  well, some of the songs have more rough / aggressive vocals on board than previously and I can tell, it just work out very good, let’s say contagious! Shred guitar, I just love it and with an album like this I really have a blast all over. Jim’s guitar movements are so darn good, a lot of progress is remarkable on both riffs / solo duties… this guy takes my breath away, a real shredder he is! Nowadays, Mike Barnett takes place behind the drumkit while bassist James Babcock takes control delivering heavy loaded riffs in a technical way! I’m sure this is a company of well skilled Metal brothers, I’ve heard their new album several times until now and again…. It’s just an awesome piece of US Power Metal! 

Under a delicious sound quality, the CD starts with ‘Tragedy Remains’ and I’m smashed for the first time. I say WOW, what a song! Loud and clear vocals with heavy guitar riffs and an amazingly way of guitar virtuosity – this song remains me of another magnificent US metal act named Icarus Witch. ‘Evocation’ starts and I got the feeling of an old Dokken song called ‘When Heaven Comes Down’, especially the guitar riffs in the beginning takes me to that decision.  I don’t want to make it too complicated but my inner self brings on a feeling of Solitude Aeturnus and Conception also. Almighty awesome is next song ‘The Bitter End’ with top notch guitar riffing and watch out for the aggressive vocal outbursts. You ain’t hear nothing yet! And again, I hear Solitude Aeturnus influences here and there based on the vocals. Fans of smoking shred guitar – eat this! Old Vicious Rumors fanatics better take a stand for the title track “Humanity Bleak”. Typical US Metal guitar riffing introduce ‘Second God’ in a supreme way while ‘Blood Runs Black’ takes my breath away again. Definitely one of favourites is ‘Immaculate Lie’ – the contrast between technical moves and brutality comes over like something unexpected but it’s still amazing! And there is more coming on strong… watch out for pure US Power Metal delivered with the song ‘This Second Flame’ for example. “Humanity Bleak” ends in style with a track called ’23 Pine Avenue’. Last and most aggressive one of all – these US Metal veterans never loose their feeling for expressive melodies and technical, detailed perfection… no way! 

I just heard ten US Power Metal works from a band that is quite underrated – like so many other US Metal bands, also Dofka deserves a fair chance to compete with the rest of the Metal community. Maybe some of you out there never heard of Dofka but I’m sure they will conquer your attention as well as well, at least if you’ll move your lazy ass checking this fantastic formation out. Amazing album from a genius band made for all those hooked on US Power Metal stuff in the vein of Eidolon, Pharaoh, Icarus Witch, Mindwarp Chamber, Dragonwyck, Taunted, etc. Start finding out more about Dofka at: or

My Points: 93 / 100 (Review by Stefan)